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5 Pavers for Adding Modern Flair to your Driveway in Hamilton and Waterloo

If you’re looking to extend the sophisticated and modern style of your Hamilton or Waterloo, ON, home into your driveway, Unilock offers a number of sleek and stunning options for doing just this. Here are just a few of the many driveway paver options that you can use to add a contemporary touch to your property.


This paver’s sharp style will add flair to any driveway. Artline features a number of different widths and lengths of rectangular plank-like pavers that can be combined to create stunning linear patterns full of variation and visual interest. The attractive color options combine with a number of stunning custom finishes to further enhance the impact of an Artline driveway. Artline incorporates EasyClean stain resistance technology and EnduraColor Facemix technology to ensure a drive that remains clean, colorfast and durable for a lifetime.


Senzo’s large format pavers create an uncluttered, minimalist appearance and a sense of spaciousness. The honed surface texture is both subtle and pleasing on the eyes while remaining non-slip and practical for vehicular traffic. Senzo is available in both rectangular and square shapes, providing the opportunity for a number of different laying patterns, from linear to randomized. Color options include Nuvola, featuring a light to dark grey gradient color blend; Costano, featuring a light to dark earthy brown gradient; and Cremo, a gentle beige well suited to a contemporary aesthetic.

Series 3000

If you’re looking for the cool, dramatic look of granite for your driveway, Series 3000 is the paver for you. Granite and quartz particles are infused into the surface of this paver to ensure an authentic appearance and natural sparkle. Series 3000 is available in Black Granite, Ice Grey and Mountain Mist color options. Any two of these three, or all three at once, can be used in conjunction with one another as complementary colors to form attractive borders and further enhance the effectiveness of your driveway design.

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Mattoni is inspired by Roman brick architecture, but developed to meet the needs of current styles. Far from being dated, this driveway paver can be used to achieve stunning modern designs, rich in visual interest. The smooth Cocoa Brown, deep Dark Charcoal and varied, earthy Sable Blend can be used individually or combined to create strong linear patterns conducive to the modern style. The slim shape of this paver ensures an elegant and sophisticated surface to complement the architectural and landscape features of a modern home.

Il Campo

Last but not least, Il Campo is sure to impress. The modern appearance of this paver is combined with a coarse brushed surface texture to provide both visual interest and incredible traction for sloped driveways. Another reason Il Campo makes such a good option for driveways is its flexibility. Eight different shapes and sizes, as well as nine laying patterns, give homeowners an abundance of choices for creating the driveway suited to their tastes. The Granite Blend and Dark Charcoal color options are particularly well-suited to a modern aesthetic, providing a cool, impactful look.

The title image features a Senzo paver driveway in Nuvola.

5 Pavers for Adding Modern Flair to your Driveway in Hamilton and Waterloo OH

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