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5 Paver Options for Modern Outdoor Kitchens in Cincinnati, OH

As a homeowner, nothing could be more exciting than planning out, designing and styling your backyard to perfection! And what better way to start than by picking out the perfect paver to create a stunning, modern outdoor kitchen. Clean lines and a sleek modern look is becoming increasingly popular in Cincinnati, OH, so why not pick from the vast and varied selection of contemporary pavers offered by Unilock and join the list of satisfied homeowners in the area.


The varied sizes of this plank shaped paver, as well as its textured finish and bold coloring make Artline the quintessential modern patio surface covering. This clean line paver comes in a number of colors and custom surface textures to match any color scheme and create an interesting, varied surface. The long, clean lines of Artline are perfect for achieving a minimalist, modern outdoor design or contributing an air of sophistication to a home with traditional architecture. Artline is available in both warm (Alpine Fusion, Sierra Fusion) and neutral (Granite Fusion) tones to allow for both subtlety and comfort.

Bristol Valley

The moderate surface texture of Bristol Valley brings a new, refined elegance to outdoor spaces where a more commonplace flagstone slab may have been used in the past. Even though modern in sophistication, its subtle, varied coloring contribute to an authentic natural stone look and feel. What makes this paver ideal for use in modern outdoor kitchens is its crisp, straight edges and rich texture that can easily stand alone as a decorative feature of your patio.


Why not create a modern industrial feel with this colored brick-style paver? With its wide range of distinct colors, Hollandstone is a favorite for many because of the design flexibility it provides. Available in one size, this paver can be laid in a variety of patterns for an interweaving or running bond effect. The Dark Charcoal or Rustic Red are the perfect color options for an outdoor kitchen that unites the old with the new in the vein of converted industrial style lofts.


Manufactured using real granite chips, this paver gives you the ability to add the unmistakable character of granite to your design. Perfect for creating edgy modern border designs and accents, Unigranite partners with other pavers to add a contemporary touch. The sleek black of its Dark Charcoal coloring, shimmering surface and rugged, hand-hewn texture make Unigranite the perfect complement to a minimalist, contemporary or modern outdoor kitchen.

Il Campo

Produced by a specialized manufacturing process, this paving stone features brushed irregular lines etched across each paver. Il Campo possesses a detailed look that is both striking and inviting. This, along with the wide range of laying patterns possible with Il Campo’s numerous size options, make it ideal for modern outdoor creations. For a subtle, modern look featuring the authentic appearance of granite, consider Il Campo in Granite Blend or the Dark Charcoal color option.

The title image features an outdoor kitchen paved with Bristol Valley in Bavarian Blend, with vertical structures built from Brussels Dimensional System in Coffee Creek with Burgundy Red Copthorne banding.

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