5 Innovative Landscaping Ideas for Mixing Wood and Concrete Pavers in the Lakes Region, NH | Unilock

5 Innovative Landscaping Ideas for Mixing Wood and Concrete Pavers in the Lakes Region, NH

5 Innovative Landscaping Ideas for Mixing Wood and Concrete Pavers in the Lakes Region, NH


Wood serves a number of different functions in the landscape – from providing shade in the form of a pergola, to creating additional seating space with wooden benches. In addition, the rich character of wood, created by its natural grain and detail, means that wood can also serve a purely decorative purpose. However, to truly benefit from the captivating appearance of wood, the wooden elements of your landscape should match the colors and textures of your hardscape. Here’s a short guide to pairing wood and pavers for best results:


Reclaimed Wood and Worn Textures

Reclaimed wood, such as railway sleepers, uncut logs, driftwood, and old farmhouse furniture has a character forged by years of wear. This aged personality can be enhanced by pairing it with similarly timeworn pavers or wall units. Brussels Block and Estate Wall are two such units that fit this aesthetic. Consider, for example, a path consisting of railway sleepers leading from a Brussels Block patio. Or an ornate log in a flowerbed with the aged rock textures of Estate Wall as a backdrop.

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Whitewashed Wood and Natural Stone

Whitewashed wood is a common motif of European country and cottage design styles. The look is simultaneously rustic and sophisticated and should be paired with a paver that reflects this. One option worth exploring is Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone. Unilock Limestone, is particularly well suited to this pairing. With its sophisticated greyscale color options and fine, natural surface texture, a Unilock Limestone surface is the ideal foundation for a set of whitewashed wooden chairs or country-style benches.


Natural Textures and Wicker Furniture

A rugged flagstone texture is the defining quality of Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers. As a counterpoint, finely detailed furniture and decor can enhance the boldness of these pavers, and vice versa. Because of this, wicker and rattan features pair excellently with this paver. Whether the feature is a large wicker bucket chair, a rattan standing lamp, or hanging wicker flower baskets, their fine detail will be all the more appreciated against a Beacon Hill Flagstone patio surface.


Light Colors with Dark Accents

There are a number of ways to include dark and light wood with matching pavers in your hardscape design. Not the least of which is the combination of light wood and Umbriano in the Summer Wheat or Autumn Sunset color option, along with dark, warmly colored wood and Copthorne pavers in the Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, or Old Oak color options. The light/dark contrast makes for visually impressive space, while the combination of materials will give the space additional depth and variation. The wooden elements might take the form of a lightly colored wooden pergola and a darker fence, or may be more subtle, in the form of furniture and carvings.


Dark woods with a Cool and Warm Combination

Dark wood, especially used in large quantities, can create an imposing atmosphere. This can be balanced by combining it with a color combination that softens the feature’s stark outline. A combination of cool and warm colors serves to highlight the corresponding undertones of the wood, giving the feature more character and depth. For this combination, consider Richcliff in the Dawn Mist/Pebble Taupe blend.

The title image features an Umbriano patio in the Autumn Sunset color option with Copthorne accents.


5 Innovative Landscaping Ideas for Mixing Wood and Concrete Pavers in the Lakes Region, NH


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