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5 Best Garden Wall Stones from Unilock for Your Bridgeport, CT, Landscape

5 Best Garden Wall Stones from Unilock for Your Bridgeport, CT, Landscape


Low retaining walls serve various functions in a landscape, from preventing erosion to organizing the landscape design into easily digestible segments. Unilock offers such a wide range of wall units that finding the perfect product for your Bridgeport, CT, landscape becomes a breeze. Here are five Unilock wall stone products to consider for your landscape:


Brussels Dimensional System

Brussels Dimensional System is renowned for its versatility and simplistic elegance. Available in a range of stunning colors, these charming wall stones can be used to construct inviting walls packed with character. The range of colors in which these wall units can be bought allow any homeowner to find a variation well-suited to their existing home and landscape.

Pair this product with Brussels Fullnose Coping for a polished end product that looks well put together. Brussels Fullnose Coping bears a rounded edge that is not only elegant but is also gentle on clothing, enabling low retaining walls to double as casual seating. The coping is available in an even wider shade range than Brussels Dimensional System, creating the potential for interesting color combinations.


Rivercrest Wall

Stone walls have been relied upon for centuries and, even today, they bear a sense of timeworn class. Rivercrest Wall is a concrete product that fittingly emulates the look and feel of stacked flagstone. This picture-perfect replication of authentic stone is made possible by Reala Surface Technology from Unilock. This style of stonework, despite its authentic appearance, pairs well with modern design due to its linear layout.

That being said, Rivercrest Wall can be incorporated into the aesthetic of any landscape design, whether it adds further character to a rustic patio or helps a sleek modern poolscape blend into its natural surrounds. This product is available in two shades, one warm and one cooler.


Estate Wall

Estate Wall is also relied upon to give retaining walls a natural appearance that enables them to blend seamlessly into their natural surroundings. These weathered wall units have a distinctly regal character that can greatly enhance the realism of a classic, old-world aesthetic theme. Even in more modern landscape designs, these wall units can be used to create retaining walls that blend humbly into the softscape, allowing the plantings to shine. There are a number of warm, earthy color variations that are perfect for this purpose, including Almond Grove and Sierra.

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RomanWall is another classic wall product that can be used to achieve the epitome of old-world elegance. These beautiful weathered wall units are available in two earthy shades and a rather neutral third shade. These versatile shades should enable any homeowner to utilize RomanWall in his or her landscape. This stunning wall product can be used to create elegant curved walls, admirable staircases, and inviting seat walls, among other structures.


Lineo Dimensional Stone

Lineo Dimensional Stone is a go-to product for any homeowner with the desire to construct a sleek, contemporary hardscape. These reliable wall units are available in three shades and feature all the right qualities required to complement a modern hardscape. They are smooth, with clean precise edges and a linear plank-like format. These staple wall units never fail to add dimension and interest to modern hardscapes and can serve as unexpected additions to more rustic designs, too.

The title image features a garden wall utilizing Lineo Dimensional Stone from Unilock.


5 Best Garden Wall Stones from Unilock for Your Bridgeport, CT, Landscape

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