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4 Ways A Contractor Can Personalize Your Driveway In London, ON

4 Ways A Contractor Can Personalize Your Driveway In London, ON


The driveway is one of the first landscape features that a guest to your property will notice when arriving at your home. It is a blank canvas that homeowners often neglect to take advantage of. A driveway can be a way to add personality and charm to your home’s curb appeal. Whether you prefer a simple feature or a bold centerpiece, Unilock Authorized Contractors can help you create the perfect design for your driveway. Unilock offers not only a wide variety of pavers, but also the option of certified contractors with expertise and knowledge to execute the job as you imagine it.


Sub-Surface Heating

If you prefer a driveway that functions just as well in heavy snow, then perhaps a heated driveway is an option worth considering. Unilock pavers are fully compatible with driveway heating systems. With Unilock, there is a great amount freedom of choice because of the flexibility of the paver options available. Unilock concrete pavers, such as Town Hall are up to four times stronger than poured concrete and resistant to the rigors of snow and ice of the cold Omaha winters, as well as rapid warming, such as that offered by driveway heating. Town Hall pavers are also compatible with permeable installation methods, ensuring that melted snow quickly and effectively drains away.


Borders and Aprons

When going for a design that makes a statement, borders and aprons are a great option. A driveway apron is a section of pavers that differs from the rest of the driveway and usually connects your driveway to the street. A driveway apron will help to set your home apart from the rest of the houses on your street. Consider for example the sophisticated light grey of Tribeca Cobble in the Peppered Granite color option combined with a warmly-colored Copthorne apron. By creating a light border with darker pavers, or vise versa, you can add subtle elegance to your driveway and frame the vehicle entrance to your home.

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There are also other ways that Unilock Authorized Contractors can help fit your driveway to your lifestyle. Permeable driveways can be achieved using environmentally friendly pavers from Unilock. These pavers allow water to drain freely through the joints between the pavers, helping to redirect water away from your home or storm drain. This allows for water to reenter the natural water table faster – and ensures that your driveway stays puddle-freel. You can even go as far as installing water collection systems under your pavers to further conserve water.


Added Strength and Durability

Perhaps you are looking for personalization in more aspects than just appearance. If you own multiple automobiles and recreational vehicles, then you are likely looking for personalization in terms of high durability. The Unilock DriveGrid system is a geogrid reinforced by proprietary Tensar TriAx Technology. This reduces the amount of movement in the base layer of a driveway caused by surface load. This means that even if you have these vehicles parked in the same spot until summer comes back around, pavers placed on top of the DriveGrid will be more resistant to rutting and becoming uneven – just another way that Unilock has perfected the art of driveway design.

The title image features a Tribeca Cobble driveway with Copthorne apron.


4 Ways A Contractor Can Personalize Your Driveway In London, ON

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