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4 Timeless Finishes for Your New Hampshire Retaining Wall

In selecting a product for your retaining walls, timelessness and character are aspects worth taking into consideration. Here are four options, each with their own visual appeal, that are sure to complement your New Hampshire home and contribute to a design that never becomes outdated.

Rivercrest Wall

The Rivercrest Wall finish is inspired by the long-established use of flagstone in small garden walls. With a rugged texture, intricate detail and authentic stacked look, Rivercrest Wall is perfect for retaining walls aimed at introducing a rustic natural feel into a landscape. Coastal slate, with its cool, neutral coloring, is ideal for contemporary and modern landscape designs that emphasize rich natural textures. The coloring works well with reflective metals like stainless steel as well as dark stained wood and greenery. This variation is also great for cottage themes looking to incorporate the rustic textures of stacked stone. The warm, off-gold of Rivercrest Wall’s Buff color option makes it great for achieving an inviting design that complements the colors of sandstone paving, suiting rustic or characterful traditional design as well.

Estate Wall

Available in a number of different sizes and shapes, Estate Wall blocks are perfect for creating a randomized, ledge rock appearance. Its rich, weathered surface creates characterful pillars, low walls and retaining walls. The versatility of this stone is perfect for creating long, meandering retaining wall systems, or attractive vertical drops between levels of multi-tiered yards. The color range of Estate Wall includes Sandstone for an easy-on-the-eyes warmth, and Fieldstone for rich chocolaty browns and earthy textures. The tumbled, aged look of these blocks is one that will maintain the elegance of your yard for years to come and match any future design themes you may wish to incorporate.

Siena Stone

Siena Stone is an exquisite choice for retaining wall finishes, built to bear intense weight loads while sacrificing nothing in terms of style and flair. The stone features rough front facing surfaces, contrasted against a smooth top, bottom and sides. This mix of textures in one stone provides practicality during installation, as well as an interesting aesthetic for your retaining wall. As well as providing flat, heavy weight stones for the construction of large scale retaining walls and tiered landscapes, Siena Stone features it’s own coping. The smooth, flat surface of Siena Stone coping makes it ideal for giving retaining walls the additional function of handy, convenient seating.
Siena stone is available in Nevada, a sand colored variation that works well with wooden and metal surfaces and is especially brilliant alongside vibrant lawns, providing a sunny, welcoming personality. The Sierra color option features a slightly darker brown, splashed with grey undertones. Both color variations feature white speckles that add a sparkle similar to that found in granite or marble.

Lineo Dimensional Stone

For an uncluttered modern contemporary look, Lineo Dimensional Stone offers clean lines and square angles. Ideal for straight, low retaining walls and pillars, Lineo Dimensional Stone contributes to a sleek backyard aesthetic. Available in a number of lengths and three color options, visual interest is always maintained despite its fine texture and clean look.

The title image features a retaining wall built from Unilock’s Estate Wall. The surrounding area is paved with Brussels Block and finished off with a Copthorne border.

4 Timeless Finishes for Your New Hampshire Retaining Wall Boston MA

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