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4 Things to Consider When Choosing Patio Pavers for a Small Patio in Saratoga, NY

4 Things to Consider When Choosing Patio Pavers for a Small Patio in Saratoga, NY

Small patios may be a necessity or a choice. Either way, you can make your patio absolutely amazing with the right choice of patio pavers. Here are four things to consider when choosing patio pavers for a small patio in Saratoga, NY.



First, throw out the idea that small spaces require small pavers. Ultimately the choice of pavers will reflect the look you want to achieve.

If you want your patio to look like a cozy and intimate space that offers just enough space for a few friends to gather, you can achieve the look by using smaller pavers such as Unilock Mattoni brick-style pavers. These pavers are slightly long and narrow, and feature a distressed antiqued finish. Creating circular shapes in your small patio using Mattoni pavers will give you a unique look that feels cozy, but doesn’t draw the eye to the perimeter of the space. For an even more intimate look, consider a living wall on one or more sides, and a water feature to create a true sanctuary.


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Laying Patterns

To make a small patio appear larger, lay large format pavers at a 45 degree angle to the home and closely match the color of the jointing compound to the pavers. Eliminating seams can help to create the impression of a larger space.

Many Unilock pavers come in random bundles of three different sizes. You can take advantage of this to draw attention to the laying pattern instead of the size and shape of the patio. Again, you can achieve the most visually appealing results by laying the pavers at a 45 degree angle to the home. If the patio is not attached to your home, lay the pavers at a 45 degree angle to its borders.



While it’s true that light colors can make spaces feel larger and dark colors can make spaces feel smaller, you will also want to pay attention to the color of your home as well as the tones found in the landscape. A bright, light patio might stick out too much—and therefore draw attention to its small size—next to a wood-toned home and a landscape filled with dark evergreen trees. In this case, a darker paver such as Beacon Hill Flagstone will make the patio appear much larger by integrating it into the landscape in an unobtrusive way.

Avoid using light-colored contrasting borders in small patios, as they are likely to visually shrink the space even more. If you want a contrasting border, dark colored borders are better—for example, you can use Courtstone cobblestone pavers. For best results if you want to visually expand the size of the patio, consider a monochromatic approach to the field pavers and borders.


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Patio Shapes

Curves draw the eye to the shape of the patio but don’t highlight its diminutive size. Instead, they make a patio feel like a natural part of the landscape. If you want to add seating walls to a patio to add seating without cluttering the space with furniture, consider adding seating walls only on one or two sides—keeping one side (the side with the best view, or the best access to the yard) open for a more expansive feeling.


The title image features a Beacon Hill Flagstone patio with a circular Mattoni inlay, Copthorne accents, Brussels Block outer border, and Rivercrest Wall verticals.


4 Things to Consider When Choosing Patio Pavers for a Small Patio in Saratoga, NY

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