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4 Stunning Unilock Outdoor Kitchens in Nassau County, NY

A proper outdoor kitchen can make your Nassau County, NY, residence a hub for outdoor gatherings and entertainment. Homeowners and buyers today seek not only the functional features of an outdoor kitchen but also fantastic design – great looks coupled with durability. Because of the quality and versatility of Unilock outdoor kitchens, the only thing you have to worry about when building your Unilock outdoor kitchen is organizing the next BBQ. Here is a selection of some beautiful outdoor kitchen designs built with Unilock products:

Rivercrest Wall for an Elegant Outdoor Kitchen

The first inspiring outdoor kitchen design on our list is one created with Rivercrest Wall, a wall unit that offers the exceptional beauty of stacked flagstone. Rivercrest Wall is ideal for building kitchen elements that will naturally form focal points of the outdoor area.
The wall’s ultra-realistic surface texture is cast from actual flagstone, a stone used for centuries for small garden walls and pillars. This wall unit offers structural integrity, durability, and affordability. Available in two colors, Coastal Slate and Buff, Rivercrest Wall creates structures whose character leaves a strong impression. Aside from featuring a wide range of shapes and sizes, Rivercrest Wall’s stunning neutral colors give the freedom of expressing a creative touch with dramatic banding options.

Estate Wall with Thornbury Pavers

Estate Wall recreates the appearance of natural, aged rock whose weathered surface texture will accent the look of your pavers. This wall unit features a range of attractive color options, both for primary applications as well as for banding. The subtle earthy color of Walnut and the neutral Granite color option work well as a vibrant base for your outdoor kitchen. The shades of Sierra and Almond Grove, which perfectly blend cooler and warmer tones, tend to break up the evenness of a structure and add visual interest.
The flagstone surface texture of Thornbury pavers adds to the organic look of an outdoor kitchen. The appearance of your patio pavers is important as they complement the look of the outdoor kitchen and create a warm welcoming for your visitors. Thornbury pavers are available in four different color options including Almond Grove, Bavarian, New York Blend, and Sierra, which never fail to impress with their pleasing, random look and feel.

The title image features an outdoor kitchen grill island built from Estate Wall, complemented by a Thornbury paver patio.


Lineo Dimensional Stone Grill Island with Artline Patio

Lineo Dimensional Stone is defined by its contemporary, sleek lines and multi-length plank-like shape. This exceptionally flexible wall unit creates modern structures that highlight the appearance of the surrounding elements. Lineo Dimensional Stone offers three color options, Almond Grove, Limestone, and Sierra, that can be perfectly accentuated by the long, clean lines of the Artline paver. This winning combination leans toward minimalist modern outdoor designs that make a bold statement. Artline offers a variety of colors and finish options that will add to the stunning simplicity of this design combination.

Brussels Dimensional System with Bristol Valley Paver

Brussels Dimensional System is the most flexible concrete landscape product in North America, assuring stability and a natural appearance for your outdoor kitchen. The units consist of multi-sized components that are ideal for building strong grill islands with a weathered surface texture. Depending on the style of your landscape, you can choose suitable color options to complement the surrounding environment.
To freshen up the look of the kitchen, incorporate the refined elegance of Bristol Valley pavers. Their moderate surface texture and subtle color blends further contribute to a natural appearance.

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4 Stunning Unilock Outdoor Kitchens in Nassau County, NY

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