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4 Pavers to Consider if You're a Driveway Contractor in Indianapolis & Northwest Indiana

These days, Indianapolis and Northwest Indiana homeowners seek materials and design techniques with which to personalize their outdoor spaces and make them unique. This quest for a one-of-a-kind hardscape is by no means restricted to the patio and extends all the way to the driveway out front. Fortunately, the diverse selection of driveway pavers provided by Unilock will enable you to create driveways that turn heads and satisfy your clients. Here are 4 paver recommendations for truly distinctive driveways.

Avante Ashlar

The elegance of Avante Ashlar pavers is unparalleled and guaranteed to take any modern driveway to the next level. With their convincing flagstone textures and various sizes, these pavers emulate the luxury of natural stone at a fraction of the cost. They are available in a cool Almond Grove shade that can be accented by darker pavers, such as Courtstone in Basalt. If your client has a less dramatic contrast in mind, consider the creamy Shadow Creek color variation, which is beautifully subdued and is able to blend seamlessly into a variety of landscape designs. The sandy undertones of the Shadow Creek shade are also warm and inviting – ideal for paving the entrance to a property.

The title image features a driveway paved with Avante Ashlar in Almond Grove, complemented by a Basalt Courstone border and accent.


Holland Premier

These pavers are renowned for their wide range of rich color options. From the rosy Charleston shade to the powerful Granite color variation, each one has a different visual impact and Holland Premier is therefore able to complement a wide variety of homes. Homeowners with relatively neutral or monotone homes may prefer opting for an intense, rich color within their driveway. This creates a captivating contrast that effectively personalizes the landscape. Ensure, however, that vibrant driveway pavers never draw attention away from the home and rather serve to complement it.


Senzo pavers are popular among homeowners that are looking for an unexpected twist for their trendy, modern hardscapes. While they bear the sleek and clean design one would expect of contemporary pavers, they also have surprising and unique color gradients on their surfaces. The Nuvola color variation transitions between different shades of grey while the Castano variation contains deep brown hues. Both options pair excellently with large manicured lawns, as the vibrant greens stand out against Nuvola pavers and are, on the other hand, complemented by the warmth of Castano pavers. These random color gradients make a Senzo driveway appear lively despite their sleek modern appearance.


Nothing personalizes a hardscape like the dramatic visual impact of Unigranite pavers. With prominent textures and a smoky Dark Charcoal surface, these pavers are excellent candidates for transforming a monotonous driveway into a work of art. They are often used to create borders that frame driveways; however, they have far greater potential as accent pavers. Consider incorporating these small pavers into the body of your client’s driveway, creating a pattern throughout the surface or a focal point in the center. These pavers are often paired with natural stone, as they emulate hand-hewn granite and their powerful colors complement the light, muted shades in which Sandstone and flagstone are often found.

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4 Pavers to Consider if you’re a Driveway Contractor in Indianapolis & Northwest Indiana


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