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4 Hardscape Design Ideas to Improve the Appeal of Your Danbury, CT, House

4 Hardscape Design Ideas to Improve the Appeal of Your Danbury, CT, House


A few creative tips and tricks can transform an average Danbury, CT, backyard into a scene fit for a home magazine. It all boils down to an understanding of colors, shapes, and textures as well as how to combine them for pleasing results. These basic principles can simplify the seemingly insurmountable task of developing ideas for designing an entire hardscape. Here are a few hardscape design ideas to get you started:


Mix Materials

Nothing looks more monotonous than a spacious backyard covered completely in plain concrete. While the benefits of concrete pavers are near-endless, it remains crucial to break up the look of paved space in some way, which can happen through the textures and colors used. This strategy refreshes the onlooker and keeps the hardscape interesting. The same principle applies to furniture arrangements and individual features like fireplaces. Surround a bare concrete fire pit with wooden benches or fit a nook for storing firewood into a towering stone fireplace. Consider interrupting paved areas with green space and opting for stepping stones over a continuous pathway.


Merge Hardscape and Softscape Features

A cohesive landscape looks most harmonious to the eye and creates functional flow that ensures a convenient outdoor living experience. When the hardscape and softscape stand in sharp juxtaposition, a powerful visual impact can be made. However, if you would prefer a harmonious look and feel, merging the two could be more fitting. This can be achieved by utilizing plenty of natural stone in irregular forms and selecting a meandering hardscape layout that’s free from many sharp edges and clean lines. Incorporate trees at the border of your hardscape so that they cast natural shade onto your outdoor living areas. Allow ground cover to creep in between paving stones and extend the refreshing sights and sounds of water into the hardscape by fitting it with a water feature.

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Look to the Home

One crucial goal of any hardscape project is to complement the main feature of the property—the home. A patio situated snugly beside the home can echo elements of its architecture in order to serve as a fitting accent. Take note of any architectural elements in the design of your home worth accentuating. French doors and romantic archways, for example, must be highlighted in some way. Consider allowing climbers to adorn the archways, and echo this classic style in the design of a nearby pergola. Utilize pavers that complement the style of the home. For instance, natural stone slabs cut to perfection would work well in this example for a classic, old-world home.


Choose Wood

Wood is incredibly versatile and plays well with a variety of other materials. Wooden decks constructed among an abundance of trees and shrubs can create a zen getaway and an exotic ambience. Wood pairs well with bare concrete, which can be incorporated into the landscape design to enhance its modernity. Reclaimed wood with an unrefined texture and imperfect surface can be utilized to create a rustic patio with a countryside villa-like aesthetic theme. The warmth of wood pairs well with the glow emitted from fire features and can therefore be used in the construction of a fireside deck or benches.

The title image features a patio utilizing Premium Quality Natural Stone from Unilock.


4 Hardscape Design Ideas to Improve the Appeal of Your Danbury, CT, House

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