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4 Features to Complement Fire Pits in Lansing, MI

4 Features to Complement Fire Pits in Lansing, MI


Nothing says summer in Lansing, Michigan, like friends and family gathered around the fire pit on those fresh summer nights. Because the fire pit is a natural gathering place, it makes sense to introduce certain features that really complement the fire pit and create a comfortable and eye-catching space. For the perfect features to complement your fire pit, check out these five must-haves!



For your fire pit seating needs, you can drag the lawn chairs over when there’s a fire, but what if the seating was built-in? What if the seating was a unique feature of the landscape? Built-in wall seating not only provides a permanent gathering space, it both gives shape to your outdoor space and helps to create a space that is separate yet complementary to the rest of your landscape as well. A fully circular or semicircular above-ground or sunken concrete wall seating, can be made in virtually any shape, size, or color to match the design and material of your existing fire pit. Unilock wall units are incredibly durable, versatile, and safe. The natural rock look of Rivercrest Wall, or the aged rock look of Estate Wall are both great options for those who want to match their fire pit and seating to the surrounding natural environment.

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Adding coping to the top of your fire pit, will not only create a more impressive and visually interesting fire pit, but coping also helps to protect your fire pit from the elements. Coping can also be added to your built-in seating for a more finished and cohesive look to your outdoor space. Because Unilock coping comes in an array of colors, styles, and shapes, it is a great way to add accenting colors or textures to create a truly one-of-a-kind fire pit area. Unilock Ledgestone coping boasts the look of hand carved stone and works really well with most fire pits and vertical features. For a truly cohesive landscape, matching Ledgestone, or other equally complementary coping, can be added to most vertical features in the yard.



Effective outdoor lighting is a must for any functional outdoor space. Even with the warm glow of the fire, additional lighting is important for safety, illuminating particular features located around the fire pit, and for really helping to create the right mood in your outdoor space. Low walls surrounding the fire pit, nearby retaining walls, or even pillars, offer the perfect place to incorporate outdoor lighting fixtures.



Adequate space and conveniently located storage is a must for those who plan to get the most out of their fire pit area. Luckily, storage need not detract from your landscape or fire pit area. If you are considering built-in seating around your fire pit, storage can easily be incorporated. If not, a more simple storage bench using Unilock wall units is also a great way to create storage space and additional permanent seating. In either case, storage is convenient, wood is kept dry, and your fire pit area is always tidy and ready for guests. By incorporating built-in storage around your fire pit, you’ll never have to go running for wood, fire starting materials, extra cushions, or anything else you might need when entertaining guests around the fire pit.

The title image features an Umbriano patio with a Rivercrest Wall fire pit and seating wall, and Ledgestone coping.


4 Features to Complement Fire Pits in Lansing, MI

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