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4 Features of Unilock Walkway Pavers in Cape May, NJ

4 Features of Unilock Walkway Pavers in Cape May, NJ

A paver walkway does so much to enhance the curb appeal of a home, and with Unilock walkway pavers, you can enjoy many benefits, both aesthetic and functional. Here are 4 features of Unilock walkway pavers in Cape May, NJ, that you won’t want to miss out on.


Styles to complement your home’s architecture

Unilock pavers feature a number of styles to best complement the architectural style of your home. Certain pavers look better than others in different settings: textured brick pavers, such as Copthorne are ideal for traditional homes. Their realistic surface textures have been achieved using Reala Surface Technology, and exhibit the authentic detail of actual historical street brick pavers.

Meanwhile, the long, plank-like design, of Artline pavers are ideal for complementing modern architecture. Artline pavers visually expand a space and make for a unique walkway: each paver features long-lasting hues; and their EasyClean surface helps prevent the formation of moss, mildew and stains.


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Consider texture when choosing walkway pavers. A safe, non-slip surface is crucial, so look for pavers that have a surface that keeps safety in mind. All Unilock pavers, regardless of style, are designed for safety. Even the sleek, modern surface of Beacon Hill Smooth, while refined, remains non-slip, even when wet.

Brussels Block pavers, on the other hand, offer a relaxed, informal appearance with a gorgeous, weathered surface that gives a walkway a time-worn aesthetic with surefooting.


Colors that last

Unilock pavers allow you to match colors to other hardscape features, such as your patio or driveway, or to your home. A current trend is choosing paver colors that match the roof, since roofs are replaced only infrequently whereas siding can be painted often.

For this reason, it’s important to choose pavers with colors that will last. Unilock utilizes a number of technologies to produce pavers with long-lasting colors that go all the way through. This means that lighter, subsurface aggregates will not shine through. Unilock EnduraColor and EnduraColor Plus pavers will also not fade due to environmental pressures, which is a great feature if your walkway is on the sunny side of the house.

Some pavers feature specialized aggregates like quartz or granite chips, which bring added depth and brilliance to the colors. Umbriano pavers, for example, feature a sleek, modern surface, perfectly suited to contemporary homes. The larger format and lighter colors add sophistication to a walkway. The random dispersion of color seen in Umbriano’s surface is a result of Unilock ColorFusion Technology, which incorporates actual granite particles to create a realistic granite appearance.


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To ensure a long-lasting walkway, Unilock pavers are designed to withstand even the most severe freeze-thaw cycles, most household chemicals, and de-icers. And since pavers can be replaced individually, in the unlikely event that a paver does become damaged, repairs are simplified .

Courtstone pavers from Unilock are the epitome of durability. These rich, deeply colored pavers bring an old-world feel to a walkway. Use them as the field paver, or as accents, and create a charming walkway that highlights the natural irregularities of an authentic cobblestones surface.


The title image features a Courtstone walkway.


4 Features of Unilock Walkway Pavers in Cape May, NJ

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