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4 Excellent Pavers to Complement Your Wooden Pool Deck in Rochester, NY

When contemplating additional work to a landscape, homeowners should reflect on the existing structures, including pool decking, walkways and patios. Should your Rochester, NY home have a quality wooden pool deck and you’d like to enhance the landscape with a patio or walkway, choose pavers that complement the decking and remain in keeping with the overall effect of the property. Unilock offers many quality options for pavers that complement the warm color and rich grain or wood – here are just a few to match or enhance your pool decking.

Il Campo

If your goal is to integrate your wooden pool deck with a walkway or patio composed of an interesting design with either a geometric or random pattern, Il Campo is a great option. These pavers come in many sizes of compatible units for a wide variety of laying patterns. Whether you choose to make the wooden pool deck intentionally stand out or blend with other landscape features is up to you. It’s also important to note that the pavers come in many different shades including Coffee Creek, Granite Blend, Heritage Brown, Santa Fe, and Dark Charcoal (available in only 2 sizes). This wide range of color options makes matching to the color of your wooden decking all that much easier.


Should your intentions for your landscape lead you in the direction of subtly elevating your wooden pool decking, Windermere pavers from Unilock provide a suitable and elegant solution. With varying stone sizes and a flagstone texture, these pavers lend themselves to both traditional and contemporary landscape designs. This flexibility makes the paver an ideal option for those seeking to incorporate the pool deck into an overarching landscape theme. In addition, the shades Cliffside Grey, Irish Coast, Mahogany, and Sandy Beach allow homeowners and landscape designers to blend, accent, and complement the existing shades of the pool decking as well as the home’s exterior. To provide an enhancing complement to your wooden pool deck, choose Windermere pavers for the connected walkway or patio. Its understated elegance will seem right at home with any style of design.

Brussels Block

Another design style that works well to complement wooden pool decking is a rustic look. Brussels Block offers a weathered, antique finish that gives an age-worn, classic aesthetic. It is available in three sizes with worn edges to magnify the rustic appearance. Available colors include Desert Sand, Limestone, Mahogany Ash, Sandstone, Sierra, and Midnight Charcoal (in two sizes), so you can easily match or contrast existing structures and greenery. With this rustic design, your wooden pool decking will feel like an extension of a grand design.

The title image features a pool patio paved with Brussels Block with Series 3000 accents.



As a paver designed for flexibility and variety, Hollandstone speaks to a number of landscaping themes. Whether you choose to incorporate the wooden decking as a central feature, elevate it with a contemporary feel, or emphasize a rustic aesthetic, these pavers are an excellent choice. Color options include Dark Charcoal, Granite, Natural, Rustic Red, Sierra, and Terra Cotta for both sleek and naturalistic aesthetics.
4 Excellent Pavers to Complement Your Wooden Pool Deck in Rochester, Buffalo, NY

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