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4 Concrete Pavers that Pair Well with Bluestone

4 Concrete Pavers that Pair Well with Bluestone Bedford Hills NY


Bluestone is a relaxed stone option that embodies elegance and historical charm. Highlight these qualities by complementing your bluestone patio with these Unilock pavers to achieve an effortlessly tranquil aesthetic theme and transform your outdoor living space into the Bedford Hills, NY, getaway you need.


This convincing cobblestone alternative never fails to make a landscape look more inviting. Their timeworn finish tells stories and creates the impression that the hardscape has stood strong for centuries. This makes Courtstone pavers compatible with bluestone, as they also bear a classic look and feel. Courtstone pavers are manufactured in a small format with precise base dimensions, allowing them to slot together perfectly under the surface. However, their visible surfaces are cast from real timeworn cobblestones with irregular edges, giving a collection of Courtstone pavers a more randomized appearance. The format of these pavers contrasts that of large stone slabs, making Courtstone an ideal accent to bluestone. The Basalt color variation, in particular, pairs beautifully with bluestone slabs that have smoky undertones.


Series pavers are popular features in commercial hardscapes due to their clean edges and sophisticated surface texture. They are available in modern shades, including Black Granite. This color variation can enhance the coolness of a bluestone surface and add a modern touch to a traditional patio design. These pavers complement the relaxed appearance of authentic bluestone. This quality is nicely balanced by their precise edges and formal character.


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Town Hall

These brick-like pavers are often paired with bluestone and concrete alternatives to bluestone, such as Richcliff pavers. Town Hall’s earthy color variations with red undertones – Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Old Oak – are most often used to create a clear contrast between two primary colors. The Heritage Red and Heritage Clay color options pick out both the warm and cool undertones of natural bluestone, while the Basalt color option can be used to enhance the deep blue colors of a bluestone patio and create a formal look and feel. Town Hall pavers feature a large brick-like format ideally suited to creating intricate paver patterns such as herringbone and basket weave designs. Consider interrupting a bluestone hardscape with a Town Hall inlay featuring a rich, striking color palette and captivating paver pattern. This is an excellent way to enhance the grandeur of your patio design and set it apart from the rest. Another option is to create a thick Town Hall border around your bluestone patio to give the area clear definition or to separate outdoor spaces with differing functions.

Brussels Block

Brussels Block pavers bear a relaxed elegance similar to that of bluestone. This makes the two materials wonderfully compatible with one another. Brussels Block pavers are so versatile that they are often utilized in conjunction with other accent pavers, such as Courtstone or Town Hall. Brussels Block pavers are available in blue-toned variations like Limestone and New York Blend that blend harmoniously with bluestone hardscapes. The sandy-colored options also pair beautifully with bluestone, creating gentle contrast with an effortless look and feel.


The title image features a Brussels Block walkway with a Series border.


4 Concrete Pavers that Pair Well with Bluestone Bedford Hills NY


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