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4 Charming Concrete Pavers for An Old World Indianapolis & Northwest Indiana Driveway

If you love all things classic, it only makes sense that the driveway pavers you pick for your Indianapolis & Northwest Indiana home reflect timeless, elegant styles. We’re thinking Old Europe, cobblestones, and an antique look that will serve your home well for generations. To actualize your dream of old-time elegance, opt for Unilock’s concrete products that are designed to look like real stone with all of the weathered character and rich texture. You can achieve the classic look of Old World grandeur, with a lower price tag, a pre-weathered, authentic look, and superior durability. Here are four of our favorite driveway pavers with an Old European aesthetic.

Brussels Block

Described as “timeless”, Brussels Block driveway pavers add beauty and warmth to the front of your home, perfectly complementing historical houses and new buildings alike and can enhance antique architectural features with an air of authenticity. The tumbled, antique finish provides a flawless substitute for the aged cobblestone blocks you’d find on historical English streets, the irregular edges adding to the authenticity of this choice. With five color options for this driveway paver, you have the choice between the rich red tones of Prairie, the neutral gray of Limestone, and the gold of Sandstone. The Coffee Creek and Sierra color variations each provide their own unique blend of warm browns and cool blues, ensuring that you find the exact shade that matches your home and style.

Olde Greenwich Cobble

For something truly eye-catching, the Olde Greenwich Cobble flexible paver system offers supreme warmth and variation. The three color choices utilize a blend of complementary tones to create visual interest and balance. These pavers sport rounded corners and a subtle bevelled edge. The rich Autumn Red color variation is an excellent hardy substitute for traditional brick paving, with River Blend and Sierra providing lesser degrees of visual intensity. As well as suiting old English style homes, Olde Greenwich Cobble also provides a complementary aesthetic to Spanish style architecture and features.


Camelot pavers have been dubbed “the cobblestone look with a modern twist” and with good reason. With softly rounded, worn-looking edges and square corners, Camelor pavers have a unique, traditional feel with all the structural benefits of modern engineering. Perfect for giving your driveway a historical touch, Camelot comes in a variety of colors and two shape options – square or rectangle for an authentic cobble look. Pick the Charcoal option to visually anchor your driveway and provide rich contrast for architecture and plant life or choose a warmer color for variety and balance.


Courtstone driveway pavers are one of our most popular pavers for customers who wish to achieve an authentic looking historical driveway, reminiscent of Old Europe. Smoothly worn, with irregular upper edges, it’s easy to imagine a Courtstone surface beneath the wheels of a horse drawn cart. While from above Courtstone pavers give the randomized impression of ancient cobblestones, beneath the surface, precise edges help to create a strong and durable surface by locking perfectly together. To make the deep, rich colors of our Courtstone pavers last, we’ve created a complex blend of quartz, granite and weather-resistant color pigments. This combination creates fully realistic surface textures and color that lasts throughout the years.

The title image features a driveway and entryway paved with Unilock’s Courtstone pavers.

Charming Concrete Pavers Old World Indianapolis & Northwest Indiana Chicago Driveway


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