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4 Best Pavers for Large Driveway Projects in Danbury, CT

4 Best Pavers for Large Driveway Projects in Danbury, CT


Planning a large driveway project in Danbury, CT? We know your home’s hardscapes have to look as beautiful as your home. That means working with top of the line, high quality pavers such as the selection of Unilock pavers below. The look of your driveway pavers has a major impact on the overall curb appeal of your home, especially if you have a larger driveway, so it’s important to choose carefully. Here are some of the best pavers for your large driveway in Danbury, CT:

Brussels Block

A versatile and beautiful classic, Brussels Block has the warmth of tumbled stone with the enhanced strength and durability of a concrete paver. One thing that makes Brussels Block so easy to work with is the variety of color options, allowing you to incorporate it into virtually any design scheme. From simple grey Limestone to a vibrant blend like Almond Grove, the Brussels Block color options provide you with a wide array of choices. In addition, because it comes in 3 different sizes, there are tons of different laying patterns to choose from. This means that between your choice color and laying pattern your design will be unique to your home. Brussels Block pavers also feature an XL unit (13.75″ X 8.25″ X 2.75″) that is ideal for covering large areas.


Well known as the ultimate driveway paver, Courtstone from Unilock is a perfect choice for bringing classic cobblestone style to your Danbury, CT, driveway. Beautiful in traditional driveway designs, such as horseshoe driveways, or simpler driveway, designs, Courtstone will add an element of old-world beauty to any home. Apart from its unique cobblestone beauty, the most notable feature of Courtstone is its strength, and using it as your main paver will ensure a high-quality driveway that will stand up to heavy vehicle traffic without ever cracking or breaking. The variety of sizes allows you to create a hand-built look, adding richness and elegance to your driveway. It’s available in colors like a deep gray Basalt, a neutral Pebble Taupe, and even blends of Basalt and Belgian Blue or Pebble Taupe and Dawn Mist. Choose between different joint sand colors to create a custom appearance that matches with your home’s exterior.


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If you’re looking for a larger size paver with a refined look, you can’t go wrong with Richcliff. Made with Ultima Concrete Technology, this paver is specifically manufactured with patented Unilock processes to ensure strength up to four times that of simple poured concrete. This means it won’t crack, fade, or split under the weight of larger vehicles and frequent traffic. The Reala Surface Technology utilized in this paver creates a beautiful, natural face with the appearance and texture of natural stone, along with precise dimensional accuracy for a clean, contemporary look. Richcliff works beautifully with accent pavers, so you can incorporate other Unilock products for a look that’s unique to your home.


For a simple yet attractive paver that provides as much in function as it does in style, consider Eco-Priora. As a permeable paver, Eco-Priora allows water to flow back into the groundwater system, making it environmentally friendly as well as functional. This means less surface moisture to form ice during the cold months, and less water flowing into storm drain systems. This also prevents excess water from pooling around vulnerable spots around your home, preventing damage to your home’s foundation and interior. The different finish options allow you to create a design that meets your precise requirements, from a smooth look to a richly textured surface.


The title image features a Richcliff driveway with Courtstone accents.


4 Best Pavers for Large Driveway Projects in Danbury, CT

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