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4 Beautiful Landscape Ideas for Circular Kitchener, Ontario, Driveways

4 Beautiful Landscape Ideas for Circular Kitchener, Ontario, Driveways


Out of the many driveway layout options, a circular one can be truly intriguing. A circular driveway layout provides a smooth, easy entrance and exit to and from your Kitchener, Ontario, residence, and with Unilock pavers, it can become a central feature of your front yard.


Why a Circular Driveway?

A circular driveway offers an entrance at the road that rounds off on its way to the house and creates a separate exit lane that comes full circle back to the road. One of the biggest perks of this type of driveway, and what makes it so popular, is the ease of turning around from the street, to the home, and back into the street. The circular driveway provides a greater degree of safety for oncoming traffic as well, as it provides clear access to the road and eliminates the need for backing out. The circular driveway will often center around a small or large circular feature in the middle, which can be used to add a nice touch to your front yard. Not every property is made for this driveway style, but if you have the space and the opportunity to add one, consider these ideas:

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Beautiful Water Features

The central area of a circular driveway can be used to house an attractive water feature to create dynamic visual interest and welcome visitors to the property.

Rivercrest Wall from Unilock offers flexibility and can be used for building any shape, size, or form of water feature that you can imaging, from a pondless waterfall to a large gurgling fountain. Enjoy the tranquil sounds of a cascading water as you enter your property with a Rivercrest Wall water feature in the shades Buff or Coastal Slate. For a modern look, consider the sleek lines of Lineo Dimensional Stone. To match the modern look of Lineo Dimensional Stone, consider the sophisticated surface of Series pavers, which combine granite and quartz aggregates for a hard-wearing finish, and is ideal for inlays and borders, especially for larger surfaces. The Black Granite shade is practically made for grabbing the attention of the viewer with its dark and glistening surface. Another paver that makes for a striking accent for your brand new driveway is Unigranite. This accent paver is ideal for contrasting light or earthy colored pavers.


A Lush Lawn

Add the natural look of granite to your home’s entrance with the unique mottled surface of the Umbriano paver. The non-slip, stain-resistant surface of this paver is perfect for driveways, and the broad color palette includes neutral, warm and cool tones – Summer Wheat, Autumn Sunset and Midnight Sky, among others – that can be used to highlight the architectural style of your home. Fill in the island in the middle of the driveway with a lush lawn. The simplicity of this green spot will complement the refined texture of the Umbriano paver.


Combine Grass, Shrubs, and Trees

If you want to make things a little bit more interesting, instead of the fully-fledged circular driveway, incorporate the common variation known as the teardrop driveway. The layout of the teardrop driveway opens into a loop and includes one entry and exit point off the road. Add vibrancy to the interesting design of a teardrop driveway with a combination of grass, shrubs, and attractive plants. If your driveway is being built from scratch, consider the old-world European look of Courtstone in the shade of Basalt, or the combination of Dawn Mist and Pebble Taupe, to complement the greenery of your teardrop driveway.

The title image features a Courtstone driveway in the Dawn Mist/Pebble Taupe blend.



4 Beautiful Landscape Ideas for Circular Kitchener, Ontario, Driveways

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