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4 Advantages of Concrete Pavers over Flagstone for your New Haven, CT Patio

A properly designed and professionally installed patios is one of the best things you can add to your home to extend your living space outdoors. However, creating a perfect patio that is both beautiful and functional requires careful planning and preparation.
One of the major design decisions that homeowners are faced with is the process of choosing the right material for their outdoor living space. There are so many products available today and choosing the right one for your patio can be a dizzying task. In the New Haven, CT area, two of the most popular choices are natural flagstone and concrete pavers. Let’s have a look at 4 reasons concrete paving stones are better than natural flagstone for your patio spaces.

Easier Installation

While natural stone has beautiful, timeless qualities, it also has inconsistencies. Within the same pallet of flagstone, thicknesses, cut sizes, and colors will vary greatly. This means that the installation of the material will be more labor intensive, and therefore, often more expensive overall. While there are exceptions to these inconsistencies in natural stone, most project budgets will benefit from the manufacturing process of concrete pavers. Because they’re manufactured in a controlled environment, each paver is held to a strict standard of dimensional consistency. These standards in production make a product that installs quicker than traditional flagstone.

Increased Design Possibilities

Advancements in manufacturing, as well as increased interest in the outdoor living industry overall, has resulted in an explosion of options for concrete paver styles, colors, shapes, and sizes. From cutting-edge paver finishes like Unilock’s EasyClean Technology, to large format pavers like Richcliff XL, concrete pavers offer many more design possibilities over traditional flagstone.

Lifetime Guarantee

Since patio stone like flagstone is a naturally occurring, quarried material, guarantees are not a common thing to find for this type of patio material. If you’re thinking you want to use natural stone, read more about how the Natural Stone from Unilock has changed the game in guarantees and quality here. Concrete pavers often come with a guarantee of some kind offering structural piece of mind, with some manufacturers like Unilock offering Transferable Lifetime Guarantees on their concrete pavers.

Easier Repairs

A common method for installing natural flagstone is with mortared joints and a concrete base. While this is an attractive look, repairs to individual areas of your patio can be near impossible. Because traditional natural stone varies so widely in color and quality, it is difficult to get a piece that matches the original installation. Even if you can, the mortared joints will likely stand out as a repaired patch. Concrete pavers, on the other hand, are really very easy to repair. Because the joints of a paver patio are filled with a flexible sand called polymeric sand, it is possible to remove only a few individual pavers and replace them with new ones. The consistency in manufacturing means that the chances of the new ones matching the existing ones are far greater than with flagstone.

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