4 Advantages of Choosing Unilock Products for your Next Retaining Wall Project in Wayne, NJ | Unilock

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4 Advantages of Choosing Unilock Products for your Next Retaining Wall Project in Wayne, NJ

4 Advantages of Choosing Unilock Products for your Next Retaining Wall Project in Wayne, NJ


Unilock products are recommended by contractors nationwide – and for good reason. Variety, versatility and innovation are just a few key words that can be used to define Unilock products. Read on to discover why you should trust Unilock products to optimize the style and longevity of your retaining walls in Wayne, NJ.


A Natural Look and Feel

Unilock offers numerous concrete products that mimic the appearance of natural stone while retaining all the structural benefits of modern concrete. Estate Wall is artificially weathered to resemble the timeworn ledge rock one would find holding up century-old buildings. This naturally weathered appearance gives any Estate Wall structure the potential to appear as if it has been standing for centuries preceding the home. Rivercrest Wall is ingeniously manufactured to perfectly emulate stacked flagstone. The irregular edges of what seems to be individual flagstone slabs protrude at irregular intervals to flaunt their magnificent textures. Ledgestone coping can also serve as a substitute for real stone due to its characterful pitched edge. Ledgestone coping is also available in a rounded Fullnose Coping unit, for maximum comfort when creating seating walls, as well as individual step units of varying sizes in order match your outdoor steps to the coping of your retaining or seating walls.


Cutting-Edge Technology and Innovation

Unilock is at the forefront of innovation and customization, producing pavers up to four times as strong as poured concrete with a high resistance to fading over time. Rivercrest Wall is able to mimic natural flagstone so convincingly due to the invention of Reala Surface Technology, which involves the use of molds cast from real flagstone samples. Unilock also offers a patented system known as the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System, which is comprised of two parts. Sure Track backer blocks maintain the structural integrity of the wall and provide a ridge upon which customizable fascia panels hang effortlessly. U-Cara fascia panels are available in a range of colors and textures to suit an array of aesthetic themes.

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Comfort in Outdoor Seating

Brussels Fullnose Coping is an excellent candidate with which to top-off seat walls because it bears a rounded edge. Not only does this smooth, rounded edge optimize one’s comfort when sitting on the wall, but it also ensures that delicate clothing remains unharmed. This coping option is available in nine detailed shades with a variation to suit virtually any hardscape design. Universal Coping from Unilock sports a flawlessly smooth surface that is guaranteed to be kind to delicate garments.


Indoor Luxury

Unilock is highly proficient in the art of producing hardscaping materials that seem to belong in the safety of indoor rooms. These luxurious materials appear delicate, but can withstand all the forces of the elements. Lineo Dimensional Stone, for example, is comprised of the toughest concrete, but bears a zero-bevel edge and detailed color gradient that one might expect to find in a kitchen or bathroom tile. The smooth face U-Cara fascia panels are similarly refined with the ability to add a touch of luxury to an outdoor room.

The title image features a U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System retaining wall.


4 Advantages of Choosing Unilock Products for your Next Retaining Wall Project in Wayne, NJ

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