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3 Trendy Fire Pit Designs for Indianapolis & Northwest Indiana Homeowners

A fire pit is the ideal focal feature, adding warmth and ambience to your patio, as well as extending the number of hours you’re able to spend outside during the colder months. If you want something trendy and modern, you’re in the right place. As well as stocking classic, timeless styles, Unilock brings you the cutting edge in design for your fire pits and other yard features. Selecting a design for your fire pit in Indianapolis & Northwest Indiana is that much easier with these three unique design options for your outdoor space.

Brussels Dimensional Stone Sunset Fire Pit Kit

The Sunset Fire Pit Kit is the perfect choice if you’re after a subtle, understated look in your outdoor space. This feature’s earthy coloring and functional design allows the flames of a fire and a lush landscape setting to take centre stage. The simplicity and low profile of this design not only contributes to aesthetic but also makes for an easy installation. All the better to immediately enjoy your new fire pit area.
Because of its mix of colorings, Brussels Dimensional Stone works well in exterior spaces in a wide range of color and design themes. Whatever the setting, the overall look contributed by the Brussels Dimensional Stone Sunset Fire Pit Kit is one of aged charm and rustic sophistication.

Rivercrest Wall

The natural look of stacked flagstone slab is a timeless one that complements a wide range of architectural styles and design themes. Why not extend this look to your fire pit and get it made with Rivercrest Wall? With this unique choice, you’ll get the character of natural stone without the high price tag. Plus, the concrete is durable and weather resistant, so you’re assured of your fire pit’s longevity.
Achieving both round and square fire pit designs is easy with Rivercrest Wall’s easylock stacking system, leaving the choice entirely up to you. A round fire pit design in Rivercrest Wall captures the ambience of a campfire while contributing it’s vibrant texture and exquisite surface detail to your outdoor spaces. To mix old and new, a contemporary square fire pit design in Rivercrest Wall offers a formal design softened by natural texture and coloring and is ideal for contemporary, traditional and formal backyard design themes.

Lineo Dimensional Stone

If you love the sleek modern look, Lineo Dimensional Stone could be the perfect choice for your new fire pit. The clean lines and square edges of this plank-style wall block are the perfect match for a modern aesthetic. Lineo Dimensional Stone can be used for creating square and rectangular fire pits that place a strong emphasis on horizontal lines and fine surface texture. For a cool, handsome look, we offer the Granite color option, or for a modern look with warmth, there’s Sandalwood. If you’re after a surface with the varied warm and cool tones of bluestone, there’s Sierra. Whatever color option you select, with Lineo Dimensional Stone you can be sure of a fire pit that is bold, simple and both visually and physically strong.

The title image features a fire pit built from Lineo Dimensional Stone in Granite.

3 Trendy Fire Pit Designs for Indianapolis & Northwest Indiana Chicago IL Homeowners

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