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3 Tips to Match Driveway Paving with the Exterior of Your Detroit, MI Home

3 Tips to Match Driveway Paving with the Exterior of Your Detroit, MI Home


In order for your Detroit, MI, home to appear perfectly placed on your property, it must be complemented and enhanced by its surrounding structures. The driveway often ends right in front, or adjacent to, the home and by leading up to the home, the driveway visually introduces it as the centerpiece of the property. You driveway is, therefore, an important accessory to your home and should pair well with its color scheme and architecture. Fortunately, Unilock offers an extensive variety of driveway pavers to ensure that you find the perfect paver to match your home. Here are a few general pointers, based on the aesthetic theme of your home, that may help you select the right paver


Complementing a contemporary home

Distinctly modern homes follow a fairly rigid set of design requirements, such as geometric shapes and clean lines, predominant use of neutral colors, the strategic use of bolder hues and the sparse use of coarse textures. The same principles should be displayed by your chosen driveway paver in order to create a seamless visual flow between your home and the rest of your property. There are various Unilock pavers that are excellent at complementing modern homes, for example:

Umbriano pavers emulate the sophisticated look of natural granite. With subtle, yet unique, color gradients, flecks of granite and darker pigment, these pavers have surfaces worthy of complementing an extravagant home. Their edges are perfectly regular and, despite their smooth surfaces, they are non-slip to prevent any unfortunate accidents.

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Reflecting the rusticity of a traditional home

Old-build or traditional homes often bear an unforgettable homely atmosphere that infiltrates the property with a sense of cheer and togetherness. These homes generally sport outdoor fireplaces and fire pits to highlight their characteristic look and feeling of warmth. There are plenty of Unilock pavers that are compatible with this type of home, for example:

Brussels Block pavers are absolutely timeless, with classic antiqued surfaces and a lovely, versatile range of color options. The subtle shades in which these pavers can be found allow any surrounding greenery to stand out even more.

Copthorne pavers have characteristically rich and warm surfaces. Their earthy color options have the ability to energize virtually any landscape and add further depth to its color palette. These pavers are also highly compatible with high traffic areas, like driveways, because they are imbued with Ultima Concrete Technology from Unilock, which makes them four times as strong as poured concrete.


Aiming for elegance

If you’re not sure how exactly to define the design of your home – no problem! Many homes bear elements of both traditional and contemporary architecture, especially after a renovation or two. Blending different aesthetic themes into a single design can also create captivating contrasts that make the structure more unique. There are certain Unilock pavers that bear a simple, timeless elegance compatible with virtually any architectural style.

Thornbury pavers, for example, have convincing natural surfaces that are available in hardy fade-resistant color options. They are also permeable and will prevent the accumulation of rainwater on the surface of your driveway.

Artline pavers have linear layouts and color variations that are distinctly modern. However, their earthy color options and multiple surface texture options, result in a rather intriguing paved surface that is just as compatible with more rustic designs.

The title image features an Artline driveway.


3 Tips to Match Driveway Paving with the Exterior of Your Detroit, MI Home


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