3 Things to Consider when Choosing Driveway Pavers for Your Hempstead, NY, House | Unilock

3 Things to Consider when Choosing Driveway Pavers for Your Hempstead, NY, House

3 Things to Consider when Choosing Driveway Pavers for Your Hempstead, NY, House


Choosing driveway pavers takes a bit of consideration regarding style, function, strength, and other factors. Unilock pavers are at the cutting edge of the industry and known for their high quality. If you’re looking to install a paver driveway for your Hempstead, NY, home, here are a few suggestions:



Style is important to consider when choosing a driveway paver. It will impact the overall look of your home and could either add or detract from the curb appeal, potentially affecting the resale value of your property. Choose a paver that matches your home’s exterior and landscape design, and complements its beauty. If your home’s exterior has earthy brown tones, consider going with a paver in that color family that either matches, or creates contrast and adds interest. Beacon Hill Flagstone, for example has a number earthy color options, each representing a range of rustic hues that will bring out the browns of a home’s wood or natural stone facade. For exteriors that are in the white, grey, or blue family, consider something in that same palette, such as Richcliff in the Smoke Shale or Dawn Mist color option. For a more modern touch, choose a paver like Series, available in Peppered Granite and the darker Black Granite to create a sophisticated design with accents. With any paver, accents can help to give your driveway a defined, upscale look.


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How a paver takes a beating is an important consideration when choosing a driveway paver. Driveways see frequent traffic, often with heavy loads, so the strength of a paver is important. You’ll want it to withstand wear and tear, as well as weather conditions, such as rain and snow. Courtstone is dubbed the ultimate driveway paver due to its extreme durability. The smaller size and cobblestone appearance make it an attractive option, and its integrated Ultima Concrete Technology make it effective at absorbing shock from heavy loads and larger vehicles. Coming in a variety of color options, it blends seamlessly with accent pavers for endless style possibilities. Tribeca Cobble is another option for a classic look with unbelievable strength. Made using a combination of fine, hardwearing aggregates for a long-lasting surface layer and larger, sturdy aggregates as a base, this paver will hold up to plenty of abuse from both nature and your vehicles.


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The environment, both that of your home and the wider ecosystem, is another factor to consider. Runoff from rainfall can be a concern and can take a toll on your home and the surrounding systems. Having permeable pavers means water won’t sit on top of your hardscape, but seep through back into the groundwater system. This prevents erosion of your landscape, prevents damage to surrounding structures, and alleviates some of the pressure on your neighborhood’s storm drains. Eco-Priora is one Unilock paver that combines permeable technology with style and strength. The brick-like shape of this paver is stylish for any application, and the different size, color, and finish options allow you to create a custom look. The permeable surface created by Eco-Priora means less ice and thus a less slippery surface during cold winter months. If you want or need to integrate a green option into your paver driveway design, this is the perfect choice for you!


The title image features a Tribeca Cobble driveway.


3 Things to Consider when Choosing Driveway Pavers for Your Hempstead, NY, House



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