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3 concrete pavers perfect for your Long Island Paver Driveway

Pavers in Long Island, NY, Huntington Bay, Glen Cove, Islip, NY Paver Driveway
The durability and visual appeal of concrete pavers is no secret to Long Island homeowners. With the continued reliability that they provide, concrete pavers are an excellent choice for patio projects and driveway projects alike. But all pavers are suited for driveway use and vehicular traffic. If you’re looking to install or revamp your driveway, the Unilock pavers below are perfect for you. Perfectly matched to Long Island’s unique character and manufactured to endure vehicular traffic, these pavers will help turn your driveway into the luxury welcome mat your home deserves.
If you’re going for refined class, Richcliff is the perfect paver for your driveway. Combining elegance, the authentic beauty of natural flagstone, and the strength and durability of concrete, Unilock’s Richcliff paver is fast becoming a favorite amongst Long Island homeowners. Richcliff features an ultra-realistic natural stone surface complete with randomized texturing and the unique subtle color of natural stone, making for a stately first impression of your home. The Richcliff paver can be used on its own, or coupled with darker colored pavers for contrasting borders. As a driveway paver, Richcliff has been tested under the harshest environmental conditions and is perfectly suited to Long Island’s winter freeze-thaw cycle. The nice range of sizes in the collection means that you can take advantage of our creative laying patterns to give your driveway a distinctive profile.

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Paver Driveways in Long Island, NY, Huntington Bay, Glen Cove, Islip
Town Hall
Town Hall pavers provide the look and feel of traditional brick paving but with the added visual and structural durability of Unilock’s EnduraColor™ Plus color protection technology. Available in a wide range of colors – from Burgundy Red to Basalt, as well as mottled patterns such as Heritage Red and Heritage Clay – these pavers are perfect for driveway paving. Designed to appear naturally distressed and time-worn, Town Hall pavers create a warm and welcoming driveway full of character and rich color. While these pavers are perfect for use in residential driveways, they are equally suited to the demands of heavy commercial traffic. Whether you’d like to add a matching driveway to your face brick home or juxtapose your modern property with something a little more traditional, Town Hall pavers are a great choice.

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Concrete Pavers in Long Island, NY, Huntington Bay, Glen Cove, Islip, NY
Courtstone pavers capture the essence of quaint European streets and the romance of cobbled plazas of old. This unique paver is equipped with Unilock’s Ultima™ concrete technology, making it four times stronger than poured concrete. Courtstone pavers will easily outlast any other concrete paver on the market, and because each paver is cast individually from one of hundreds of unique molds, a Courtstone paved driveway will appear as randomized and characterful as an actual cobbled road. The Courtstone paver counteracts the irregularities of natural cobblestone by featuring Unilock’s AutoAlign™ system, ensuring that while each stone appears unique, beneath the surface they fit perfectly together, allowing for easier installation and providing a flat and even surface. Courtstone is available in colors ranging from a dark, sleek Basalt to a lighter, earthy Pebble Taupe, ensuring that you’ll find the right shade to match your color theme. Despite its historical look, Courtstone works equally well with more modern styles of architecture and is sure to bring out the brightness of your Long Island home’s facade. Courtstone also works well as a bordering paver for existing brick or lighter toned paved driveways and can be coupled with both of the above mentioned pavers for some stunning effects.

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