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3 Laying Patterns for Showcasing your Indianapolis & Northwest Indiana Patio Pavers

Creating a patio or driveway in your Indianapolis & Northwest Indiana yard? You’ll not only need to consider which patio pavers to go for, but also decide on a laying pattern. This is actually a very exciting process – you can personalize your yard to your own taste using a creative and unique laying pattern, or a time-tested traditional one. To make things simpler, we’ve put together some popular favorites along with some patio paver recommendations that will work with each style.

Herringbone with straight borders

In this look, the majority of the driveway or patio is created using a zig-zag effect known as a herringbone pattern. This involves laying rectangular pavers at perpendicular angles to each other, usually running diagonally across the surface of the paved area. To complete the look, the edges can be contained within a border. The same style pavers can be used, arranged in a straight line. Alternatively, a paver of a contrasting color and/or texture can be used to create additional visual interest.
A perfect patio paver for this look is Town Hall. For a classic take on this style, you might pick the Old Oak color variation for the main patio, and Burgundy Red for the border. But if you feel like something more eye catching, the Heritage Blend option can look stunning with the Basalt color variation used as a border.
This laying pattern creates a lively, energetic effect with its crisscrossing lines and can contribute to better traction when used on sloping surfaces.

Running bond cobblestone in a circular or serpentine formation

This look is sure to lend an outdoor space old world charm and sophistication. In this design, square cobblestones such as Camelot are arranged in concentric circular arrangements of equal diameter, which touch each other at the edges. The spaces between the circles forming at the corners are then filled with the same cobblestones in a more traditional running bond.
A variation of the classic running bond laying pattern is the serpentine formation. Here patio pavers are arranged in a brick-style or running bond pattern, but follow meandering or wavy lines. This gives your walkway or patio the neat look of the running bond, but with a free and more natural look that blends well with less manicured gardens.

Randomized laying pattern

Incorporating a number of different sizes and shapes of the paver of your choice can result in a pattern that appears random at first glance. This randomized technique covers a wide range of possible patterns. A good example of this is how the three sizes of the Brussels Block paver can be used together in a number of different apparently haphazard styles.
A randomized laying pattern is perfect for complementing organically-shaped patios and contributing to a relaxed or rustic atmosphere. Randomized patterns can also be used to add visual interest to otherwise formal patios, or to reduce the emphasis on any one direction, keeping the focus on the patio without leading the eye.

The title image features a patio paved with Unilock’s Town Hall in a herringbone pattern.

3 Laying Patterns for Showcasing your Indianapolis & Northwest Indiana Chicago IL Patio Pavers

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