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3 Ideas to Style Your Front Yard Landscape with Brick Pavers in Youngstown, OH

3 Ideas to Style Your Front Yard Landscape with Brick Pavers in Youngstown, OH


When you drive or walk up to your front yard, what do you want to see? Do your eyes settle on your home immediately, or do you take in the initial surroundings first? For the visually-inclined, impressions about the rest of the property are based on the front entrance. Make sure yours meets the grade with these ideas to style your front yard landscape with brick-style pavers in Youngstown, OH:


Accented Driveways

Your driveway is one of the first points of visual contact people have with your home. You can settle for ordinary, or you can choose Unilock brick-style pavers that will elevate your entire front yard design. To do this well, there are multiple options. You can choose to stick with one paver throughout, enhancing the look with pattern layout options, or you can combine multiple pavers for driveways that feature quaint aprons, borders and accents for more texture and intriguing design.

Copthorne merges two important elements in one brick-style paver – undeniable style and formidable strength. Available in five colors, including Old Oak, Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Steel Blue and Basalt, as well as a 3 Color Blend, Copthorne makes use of EnduraColor Plus Architectural Finishes which make the colors and surface of this brick-style paver so rich and durable. When used for a driveway, Copthorne’s understated old-world charm brings elegance to the front yard. Used as either as an accent or as a primary paver, this distinctive paver lends a luxurious, historic feel, while still holding onto glimpses of sleek modernity. In summary, whether your home is traditional or contemporary, your front yard can benefit from Copthorne pavers.


Borders for Walkways

A walkway can be simple while still being stylish. Borders are one of the ways to achieve this. Unilock Authorized Contractors have the knowledge you need to help you combine quality Unilock brick-style pavers for walkways that will impress. Town Hall is another traditional brick-style paver, and is available in a range of six exciting colors including Heritage Red and Heritage Clay, as well as the Heritage 2 Colour Blend. Town Hall affords the opportunity to create beautiful contrasts. Opt for borders that feature dark accents to make these warm color options really pop. For this you can use the Basalt or Steel Blue color options. Alternatively, integrate a border in the same color, with a slightly different laying pattern.

Softscape features like small trees, shrubbery, and flower beds can be added just beyond borders to help make walkways pop with the contrast. For more inspiration about what you can do with your walkways and front entrances, you can visit a Unilock Outdoor Idea Center near you.

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Showcase Softscapes

Another way that brick pavers can be used to enhance front yard style is to highlight softscapes. An expanse of pavers briefly interrupted every so often with well-maintained greenery will add an edge to any front entrance. This lets you combine softscapes and hardscapes for visual interest throughout your landscape. You can take this up a notch and go with a front yard patio. With these kinds of patio you are able to utilize front yard space for entertainment and relaxation. They can also provide an inviting welcome for those who visit.

By using varying design ideas, accents unique to your style, and borders that complement both, softscape features can provide a dynamic addition that will set your Youngstown, OH, front yard apart.

The title image features a Town Hall paver entrance and walkway.



3 Ideas to Style Your Front Yard Landscape with Brick Pavers in Youngstown, OH


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