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3 Concrete Pavers that help to define the style of your Ottawa, ON outdoor living space

Ottawa, ON concrete pavers
Your outdoor living space is simply an extension of your home. It is a space where you gather with your friends and family. Where you meet for dinner and celebrate milestones. A space with your gather under the stars next to the outdoor fireplace or simply bask in the sun on a lazy Sunday afternoon in your Ottawa, ON backyard.
Patios are a common way to create comfortable outdoor living spaces, transforming your backyard into spaces that reflect not only the interior style of your home, but also your family’s needs. Common patio features include outdoor kitchens and dining spaces, lounging areas with outdoor fire features that can extend your outdoor living on the cool nights and into the fall, and quiet sitting areas with cushy couches to retreat to when you want some quiet time.
A decision that plays a major role in your outdoor space is the flooring material. Concrete pavers are an excellent choice for many Ottawa, ON homeowners. Pavers offer durability and great product guarantees making them a good choice for residential applications. Paver manufacturers such as Unilock offer concrete pavers in a range of colours and sizes that allow for amazing design flexibility; no longer are you stuck with simple square or round patios, you can let your imagination run wild!

Choosing a Paver for your Ottawa, ON patio

Choosing the right paver can be a difficult task. There are so many different pavers on the market to choose from that it can be hard to decide which one is right for your project. Working with a landscape professional can help, as can visiting a Unilock Idea Center in your area and walking on/touching each stone to get an idea how they look and feel in the outside environment.
When selecting your paver, you will want to consider:

  • The colour of your home
  • The other elements in your landscape (retaining walls, veneer stone, etc)
  • Your personal style (contemporary, classic, rustic)
  • Whether there will be vehicular traffic on the area in question (vehicular traffic requires certain pavers which may limit your choices)


For more inspiration, be sure to check out the Unilock Design Ideas Catalog here.

Three Pavers Worth Considering for your Ottawa, ON outdoor space

Unilock’s Brussels Block Paver is a tumbled paver offered by Unilock. The tumbling process allows these pavers to take on an aged look that softens the look of the edges of the paver giving each stone its own unique look and the patio a timeworn feel overall. Brussels block is available in a wide array of colours and can be complimented by using coloured joint sand.
Thornbury is an excellent paver for patio areas but can also be used in areas where vehicular traffic must be managed (as it is 2.75 inches thick). Thornbury comes in three rectangular sizes; a small, medium and large rectangle that allows for interesting random applications which can be coupled with any number of Unilock’s other pavers as a border course for an even more aesthetically pleasing look.
Unilock’s Copthorne Paver is a product for those who love the look of the old brick sidewalks in Europe! Crafted after the clay brick pavers of yesteryear, these concrete pavers by Unilock will not crack or fade while each stone is remarkably unique. Pair Copthorne with a contrasting joint sand for a unique installation that will wow your guests.
Whichever concrete paver you choose for your Ottawa outdoor living space, ensure it is reflective of both you and your home. Picking the right paver and installing it correctly will not only provide you with years of enjoyment but can also increase you homes value.
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