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3 Breathtaking Backyard Designs Featuring Fire Pits in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Toledo

Your backyard space is the heartbeat of your property during the warm months of the year. With a unique, warm, and comfortable space, family gatherings and social get-togethers are that much more enjoyable. Creating a fire pit area on your property is an impressive way to do just this. While Unilock offers pre-packaged fire pit kits, customizing the design and considering the placement are key to creating a breathtaking backyard design that features a fire pit in the Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids or Toledo, MI areas.

Wall-Incorporated Fire Pit Design

Including your fire pit into the patio wall of your property is an interesting way to incorporate the feature unobtrusively. Even though we have a range of vertical building units from which you can choose, Brussels Dimensional System with Brussels Fullnose Coping are materials well-suited to this eye-catching design choice. A monochromatic design can make for an uninterrupted view so that the fire pit blends with the wall. The color choices for Brussels Dimensional System include Sandstone, Coffee Creek, Desert Sand, Limestone, and Mahogany Ash while Brussels Fullnose Coping is available in Desert Sand, Coffee Creek, Limestone, Sandstone, and Mahogany Ash. Pairing these materials comes naturally because the colors mesh so well. They also share a matching weathered texture. While this construction is striking in appearance, the smooth outside edge of the coping can be used to create an incorporated seating area as well.

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Square Fire Pit Centered in Patio Space

A square shaped fire pit in the center of the patio space is another breathtaking design plan for your fire pit construction. For this design Estate Wall vertical building units with a Ledgestone Coping are suitable choices. Choosing to take this a step further and adding a seating wall followed by a patio wall adds a place for guests to rest as well as a shield against the wind or for privacy purposes. Estate Wall colors include Sandstone and Sierra, and you can choose Ledgestone coping in either Buff or Grey shades to complement your choice. Maintain a continuity among the fire pit, seating wall, and patio wall with a few accents thrown in to create a remarkable patio and fire pit space.

Elongated Rectangular Fire Pit for Multiple Guests

Adding an elongated, rectangular fire pit to your patio is an unexpected design choice. It will certainly catch the attention of guests, but it also enhances hosting functionality of the fire pit area. Opt for Rivercrest Wall with Ledgestone Coping for a design rich with natural texture and rustic charm. Rivercrest Wall resembles stacked flagstone and comes in your choice of either Coastal Slate or Buff shades. Either one is complemented by Ledgestone coping options. To make the edge of the fire pit a source of extra seating, choose to make the height of the construction at least eighteen inches, or if you’d prefer to have a foot rest for guests, lower that to about twelve inches. Either way, the lengthened fire pit itself lends itself to large group enjoyment of your fire pit space and forms a base for the view from your patio.

The title image features a fire pit and seat wall built from Estate Wall with Brussels Fullnose Coping and Series 3000 banding.

3 Breathtaking Backyard Designs Featuring Fire Pits in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Toledo MI

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