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3 Best Wallstones for Heavy Duty Retaining Wall Systems in Dayton

A high performing retaining wall can be an essential element for the landscaping of your Dayton, OH, backyard. An important feature to ensure safety and longevity of your landscape, a retaining wall provides a variety of benefits in addition to providing support.
Retaining walls play a vital role in increasing the usable space available for softscaping and hardscaping by allowing you to create terraces which are always striking to look at thanks to their elevation. They also ensure better assimilation of rainwater into the soil to keep your yard ecologically viable and prevent soil erosion due surface water runoff. Lastly, they also double as seating walls to give your backyard or patio additional practicality. At Unilock, we have a strong line-up of heavy duty wall stones that can stand up to all manner of loads and give your retaining wall function and form.


With its no nonsense look, Durahold is designed to create a strong longstanding retaining wall. Available in a variety of large sizes to give you additional versatility in perfecting the design of your retaining wall for optimal support, this tough wall stone is engineered with high quality ingredients to give you the strength of poured concrete with the ease of assembly you’ve come to expect from Unilock wall stones. Moreover, our Durahold2 wall stone gives you the same strength in a more compact size for lower walls. For walls up to 25 feet, this wall stone is the best choice for any supporting structures to keep landslides at bay.


Featuring the same tough design and high end engineering you saw in Durahold, Pisa2 goes a step ahead with its beautiful aesthetics to make your retaining wall the focal point of your landscape. Available in a variety of four colors, including the popular Sierra and Granite, it comes in a variety of component sizes and shapes including a tapered profile that makes it optimal for curved walls. This design versatility means you can follow the natural design of your landscaping for a curvaceous retaining wall for a more natural feel, while also matching or contrasting existing elements such as walkways and steps. With Pisa2’s beautiful design and well-engineered, tough nature, you can create a retaining wall that is highly supportive but aesthetically pleasing to get the rare combination of style and function.

The title image features a Slate Blue Beacon Hill Flagstone patio with a Sierra Pisa2 retaining wall.



At over 450 lbs each, SienaStone is designed to create a tough retaining wall with character and style. These large blocks, along with our mix of premium material and well-engineered design and manufacturing processes, makes it ideal for heavy duty applications. Moreover, with a great mix of different component sizes and five different colors to choose from, this unit greatly enhances the available design choices for your landscape. It can be easily matched to existing pavers in the Unilock line, such as the popular Brussels Block and Thornbury, with a similar color line-up, giving your backyard a pleasing conformity. Couple that with its weathered surface for a rustic appeal, and you have a wall unit that is ideal for a strong retaining wall that does not compromise on performance.

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3 Best Wallstones for Heavy Duty Retaining Wall Systems in Dayton OH


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