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3 Benefits of Unilock Natural Stone Pavers in Hopewell Junction, NY

3 Benefits of Unilock Natural Stone Pavers in Hopewell Junction, NY

Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is a beautiful material that is loved by contractors and homeowners alike for its many benefits. If you have an upcoming hardscape project, consider incorporating the beauty of Unilock Sandstone or Limestone. Here are just three of the advantages of using Unilock Natural Stone for your Hopewell Junction, NY, hardscape:


The defining feature of Unilock Natural Stone is its superior flexural strength. This means that it can withstand extreme temperature changes and the seasonal freeze/thaw cycle, as well as the natural expansion and contraction that occurs daily throughout the course of the year. This also means that Unilock Natural Stone can hold up to heavy foot traffic that, over time, could ordinarily cause cracking or splitting. Unilock Natural Stone has also been treated to ensure low water absorption, and will withstand heavy rains and rising ground water. These surface treatments protect the integrity of the stone and have been applied to both Limestone and Sandstone from Unilock. Using a Unilock recommended surface sealer adds even more protection to the stone to keep it safe from dirt, spills, and other surface imperfections. This means your stone will stay beautiful no matter what spills on them.


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Natural beauty is one of the strongest features of Unilock Natural Stone. Forged for thousands of years by nature itself, Unilock Sandstone and Limestone are precision cut and imported from reliable sources throughout Europe and Asia. The rich colors and natural beauty of Unilock Natural Stone is also enhanced and protected by integrated surface treatments. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is the perfect material, therefore, for those who want luxury and authenticity for their patios, walkways, and other outdoor living spaces. The surface presents a combination of stratifications of the stone and offers a refined look. Unilock Natural Stone is a perfect complement to plantings, trees, and lush foliage. Sandstone in Autumn Harvest, for example, provides a gorgeous look for poolside lounging. Use it for your pool deck as a complement to the blue of the water, or around your hot tub for a perfectly comfortable surface for bare feet. Or try the Indian Coast color option for a patio that is both welcoming and sophisticated.


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Unilock Natural Stone is a versatile material that can be used in so many different ways to enhance your hardscapes. Its elegant surface is perfect, not only for patios, but also for pool decks, steps, and pillar capping. This means you can create a beautiful landscape using Limestone or Sandstone all throughout your design. The coping options allow you to create an edge for your pool that perfectly matches your pool deck. The Natural Edge coping option is ideal for adding visual interest to your design, while Fullnose Coping is perfect for added comfort. For a multi-level design, use Natural Edge Step Units for a material that blends into the landscape. With multiple sizes available, you can completely customize your stairs to fit your look. Pillars can also be tied in with natural stone Pillar Caps. Add elegant lighting atop your pillars for a luxurious and cohesive style.

Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone has endless benefits for the homeowner who wants a natural look and timeless style. Whether it’s for a patio, pool deck, walkway or steps, Unilock Natural Stone provides great strength for a project that will last a lifetime. For more ideas and inspiration, check out our free Product Catalog or visit an Outdoor Idea Center near you.

The title image features a Unilock Sandstone patio in the Indian Coast color option.

3 Benefits of Unilock Natural Stone Pavers in Hopewell Junction, NY

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