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10 Ways to Create an Incredibly Beautiful Patio or Outdoor Space

In addition to using high-quality and beautiful materials in your patio or outdoor living space, incorporating personality plays a big part in a perfect landscape design. Here are 10 ways to create an outdoor space that reflects who you are, and gives you endless options for entertaining or relaxing.


1. Color

Color choices are all about personal preferences. You may like subdued shades or prefer colors that pop. Bold colors add a sense of fun to otherwise muted natural tones of stone or wood, and it’s a decorating fix that you can change with the seasons. Chair cushions, pillows, outdoor curtains and rugs, tablecloths, patio umbrellas, awnings, or even a colorful drape of fabric attached to a pergola would make your outdoor living space feel like an inviting oasis.


2. Lighting

The right lighting sets the mood for outdoor living. If you’re more of a homebody, you may want to have a more intimate setting every night. Or, if you anticipate many entertaining events in your future, you could have versatility incorporated into your landscape lighting plan for brighter options.

For your overall illumination needs, you could make a statement with oversized industrial lighting that offers a cool, modern look. Take a holistic view of your landscape design for uplighting possibilities. Such lights make dark corners more inviting, by highlighting masonry walls and pillars, for example, and adding drama. Be sure to consider adding step lighting for ease of navigation. Task lighting will keep you focused when hosting or cooking duties call for your presence in the outdoor kitchen. For setting the mood, think about adding string lights to your dining area, for quiet conversation as you eat al fresco.


3. Fire Features

A fire feature implies a homeowner freely welcomes gatherings and loves the outdoors. And nothing invites lingering outdoors more than a cheery fire pit or outdoor fireplace, especially as the weather turns chilly. If you don’t want to deal with the smoke of a wood fire, then a gas fire pit or outdoor fireplace can offer the charm, without the mess.

10 Ways to Create an Incredibly Beautiful Patio or Outdoor Space

This contemporary Artline patio features a fire table made of Lineo Dimensional Stone.


4. Vertical Elements

Vertical focal points are feasts for the eyes. From trees and tall shrubs to beautiful seating walls and masonry pillars, landscape features that bring height to your outdoor living space give you something to admire while also adding dimension to your view. An outdoor room situated higher than the rest of the hardscape reflects ingenuity in landscape design. A decorative stone wall can match the style of your favorite vacation spot. Vertical gardens, or living walls, can make the most of a tiny space, add privacy, bring in color to a dull corner, and create an easy-to-reach herb garden next to an outdoor kitchen.

View some ideas for vertical features made with Unilock wall stone here.


5. Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

The modern outdoor kitchen is much more than a simple grill and patio furniture set. It can be a cook’s dream, from an elaborate BBQ island with sink and built-in bar fridge to expansive countertops for easy food prep and plating. It’s true that food prepared and eaten outside tastes better, and an outdoor kitchen creates an inviting space for gatherings.

10 Ways to Create an Incredibly Beautiful Patio or Outdoor Space

This stunning outdoor kitchen offers versatility with a Brussels Dimensional Stone pizza oven.


6. Repurposed Items

There is no limit to how creative you can be when it comes to giving discarded items a new life as one-of-a-kind features in your outdoor living space: chandeliers turned into planters, tractor seat swings, garden ornaments made from bicycle parts, weathered doors joined together to create a whimsical fence, or even a metal bunk bed turned into covered outdoor seating.

7. Built-Ins

Built-in seating can keep an outdoor space clutter-free while defining a space. This is an especially smart seating solution for small spaces that make maneuvering around patio furniture uncomfortable, and it’s especially welcome around modern fire pits.

10 Ways to Create an Incredibly Beautiful Patio or Outdoor Space

This gorgeous patio made of Umbriano pavers with a Rivercrest Fire Pit and Seat Wall provide ample seating in a very intimate setting.


8. Water

Water features bring the soothing sounds of nature to your backyard. They help mask traffic noise and provide a tranquil setting for meditation or relaxation. Pondless water features like cascading waterfalls or wall fountains can transform a dull part of the yard into a showpiece.

9. Textured Shade

Full sun may be too much, while full shade is rarely desirable. However, you can create textured shade by adding a pergola, shade sails, or a lattice wall pavilion to your landscape.

10. Privacy

Landscape features installed for privacy can reflect whether you’re the kind of person who welcomes others with open arms or shies away from large groups. If you always feel as though you’re being watched, a privacy fence could put you more at ease. That may be the same reason to opt for a grade-level patio rather than a high deck. An elevated seating arrangement would make you more visible to the neighbors, but a patio may keep you more secluded.

Outdoor living spaces should reflect your personality and style. Lean on our resources and guidance to get your project off the ground; we can help you through every step of the process. For more design ideas and inspiration, turn to the Unilock Design Idea Catalog or see how one of our trusted, vetted Unilock Authorized Contractors can assist you in creating a stunning patio or outdoor space.

10 Ways to Create an Incredibly Beautiful Patio or Outdoor Space

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