Adding Style to your Nassau County, NY, Driveway with Edging Pavers

Adding Style to your Nassau County, NY, Driveway with Edging Pavers


Edging pavers exist to protect the edges of your driveway from damage and create a clear boundary between the paved surface, or stretch of asphalt, and the softscape beyond for a clean and ‘finished’ driveway design. Add structural integrity and aesthetic detail to your Nassau County, NY, driveway with the following edging pavers from Unilock.



Courtstone pavers merge the antique appearance of classic cobblestones with the robust strength of high-tech concrete. Imbued with Ultima Concrete Technology, these pavers bear up to four times the strength of ordinary poured concrete. This hardiness is absolutely essential in any edging paver, as they are often subjected to a fair amount of wear and tear. Reala Surface Technology is an equally innovative manufacturing process that grants each Courtstone paver the authentic shape, texture and finish of a authentic European cobblestone. Courtstone pavers are available in a range of rich, smokey shades that will add dimension to the color palette of your hardscape.



Classic bricks are widely used as edging because they are aesthetically versatile and look stunning when nestled along the edge of a vibrant lawn or flower bed. Copthorne pavers are reminiscent of old European street brick with all the compressive strength of cutting-edge concrete pavers. While their timeworn textures are individually tailored, their dimensions are consistent to ensure easy and efficient installation. These pavers are available in rich red-and-brown shades like Old Oak and Burgundy Red, which will give your old asphalt driveway a burst of new, vibrant visual energy.  

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Brussels Block

Brussels Block has a stunning tumbled design and weathered finish that can give any ordinary driveway a rustic facelift. This paver bears a relaxed look and feel that is well-suited to a variety of applications, including driveway edging. These pavers offer an extensive color range including eye-catching options like Almond Grove and New York Blend. Their wide variety of shade and size options is useful in an edging paver because it enables you to tailor the edging to the unique design of your driveway.



Mattoni pavers have a slim, linear format that can add a touch of elegance and refinement to any driveway. They are available in a stunning array of deep, multi-dimensional color options, including Sable Blend, which has a unique distressed appearance. The Cocoa Brown color variation reflects shades found in rich soil and pairs well with lush green grass. The Dark Charcoal shade is absolutely striking and is an excellent candidate for edging that makes a statement. These modern pavers are imbued with the durability of EnduraColor technology and are, therefore, highly resistant to fading.



These chic pavers make excellent accents to sleek modern driveways, as they emulate the luxurious look and feel of natural granite. Umbriano pavers bear spontaneous gradients of speckled color and textures convincingly similar to those of granite. They are available in subtle colors, such as Summer Wheat and French Grey, for understated edging that allows the driveway and home to shine. Alternatively, the Harvest Brown and Midnight Sky color variations are deeper and serve as statement pavers that will help the driveway draw more attention.

The title image features a Courtstone driveway with Copthorne border and Brussels Block edging.