Add Privacy to your Spring Lake Heights, NJ, Backyard with Retaining Walls and Low Walls

Add Privacy to your Spring Lake Heights, NJ, Backyard with Retaining Walls and Low Walls


Retaining walls are renowned for being multidimensional and multi-functional. They are no longer relied upon purely for the terracing of slopes, but can be used to enclose outdoor rooms, provide extra seating and contribute towards the aesthetic of a particular hardscape. Make your Spring Lake Heights, NJ, patio more private by enclosing it with a stylish retaining wall.


Choose chic products

Perimeter walls serve as the backdrop to the furniture arrangements within outdoor rooms. A sleek patio that serves as an extension of the indoors requires an equally elegant perimeter wall to distinguish it from the softscape beyond and pair it with the home instead. Lineo Dimensional Stone is a versatile Unilock product with a linear plank-like design and the ability to add a sleek touch to any hardscape. These smooth wall units put their delicate color gradients on display and are available in a range of warm and cool shades to suit a variety of outdoor designs. Consider pairing these wall units with the textured finish of Ledgestone coping for an unexpected twist.


Merge the perimeter and pergola

Pergolas are traditionally constructed on four sturdy posts, but can be modified to make outdoor rooms more cozy. Consider retaining walls that span the spaces between posts, leaving enough open space to serve as an entrance. To integrate these two structures even further, you could fit each wooden post into a stout pillar made from the same material as the enclosing walls. Not only will this enhance the privacy of your patio, but it will also help to set your perola apart from the rest.

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Play with color and texture

Do you find that your patio lacks character and variation? A well-designed system of retaining walls can add the color and contrast your patio so desperately needs. Consider Rivercrest Wall as a convincing substitute for luxurious stacked flagstone. These wonderfully irregular units can be incorporated into cool contemporary hardscapes to create an interesting blend of aesthetic themes. Incorporating Unilock U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System in Black Granite into the backdrop of your patio will create the stark contrast it needs to pack a visual punch.


Clear space for seating

Try to have your perimeter walls positioned near points of interest, such as a fire pit, furniture arrangement or outdoor kitchen. This will allow guests in that area to use the low wall as a casual spot to sit down. You could even keep cushions at hand to enhance their comfort. Ensure that the coping on your walls is smooth enough not to damage delicate clothing or prove uncomfortable. A coping option such as Ledgestone or Brussels Fullnose is ideal for this purpose.


Extend your aesthetic

The retaining walls enclosing your patio are just as much a part of its design as the furniture within it. It is important to ensure that your material selection and chosen layout complement your existing patio and home. This will enable your entire backyard to look cohesive and well put-together. For example, a rustic home and hardscape can be accentuated using Estate Wall in cool hues. These wall units bear classic flair and can be reminiscent of old castle stones when installed in the right setting.

The title image features an Estate Wall low wall enclosing a patio.


Add Privacy to your Spring Lake Heights, NJ, Backyard with Retaining Walls and Low Walls