Add a Modern Edge to your Oxford, CT, Home with a Heated Driveway

Add a Modern Edge to your Oxford, CT, Home with a Heated Driveway


Shovelling snow is an endless ordeal – as soon as you’ve cleared your driveway, it starts piling up again. It’s no wonder so many homeowners loathe shovelling their driveways, or pay companies and individuals repeatedly to have it done. Fortunately, there is a solution: a heating system specifically designed for the driveway. Read on to discover how this once-off investment will save you time and money in the future – as well as which Unilock pavers would be perfect to pair with it!


What is a heated driveway?

A heated driveway is simply kept warm enough to melt falling snow, rather than allowing it to pile up and block traffic. There are two popular heating options that warm driveways from below to optimize safety and minimise maintenance during winter. A heat-generating mat or system of tubes and coils containing antifreeze are embedded beneath the driveway and serve to extend the life of the concrete, asphalt or pavers placed on top. Most heating systems are automatically activated when sensors pick up precipitation or freezing temperatures, conserving energy whenever temperatures rise above freezing. They can also be programmed to switch off once the driveway has reached temperatures high enough to melt snow. A heated driveway will not only reduce the shovelling your landscape requires, but will also keep your property looking crisp and manicured all winter long.


Why Unilock pavers?

A heated driveway achieves luxurious heights of outdoor living and design. To support this convenience, a degree of flexibility, durability and strength is required from the materials you choose. Unilock concrete pavers provides the style and structural superiority to match your home and hardscape. Unilock pavers are compatible with heated driveways for a number of reasons. Firstly, because of their inherent strength, Unilock pavers are relatively thinner than many other driveway materials, allowing more heat to reach the driveway surface. Their slim format can be attributed to their superior flexural strength, which requires far less bulk to support large loads. The use of a Unilock DriveGrid will further reduce this bulk. Unilock pavers are also cast to precise dimensions, making the level installation of pavers a piece of cake despite the presence of a mat or coils in the bedding sand. Rely on Unilock pavers to completely conceal the presence of your underlying heating system.

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Accessing your heating system for maintenance or repairs involves little more than lifting and replacing individual pavers with little disturbance to the rest of the driveway and no lasting signs of interference. All the water produced by the melting of snow goes somewhere. To optimize the drainage of your driveway and prevent the build-up of water, opt for permeable Unilock pavers.


Recommended pavers

Your heated driveway should embody modern progression and contemporary flair. Unilock offers various sleek pavers that pair perfectly with contemporary hardscape designs. Eco-Line pavers, for example, are permeable and available in a number of stunning finishes. The Umbriano finish, for example, gives them the look and feel of real granite, while their underlying concrete structures are far better suited to driveway applications than natural stone. Unilock also offers a number of more traditional style permeable pavers, such as Thornbury, which provides the look and feel of flagstone. Both Eco-Line and Thornbury pavers are available in a range of rich colors that are highly resistant to fading and will be allowed to shine in the absence of snow build-up.

The title image features a permeable Thornbury driveway.


Add a Modern Edge to your Oxford, CT, Home with a Heated Driveway