Achieve the Soothing Look and Feel of Bluestone with All the Reliability of Concrete in Bristol, CT

Achieve the Soothing Look and Feel of Bluestone with All the Reliability of Concrete in Bristol, CT


Bluestone is a timeless material much loved for its unique characteristics. Some homeowners who favor the one-of-a-kind results that bluestone offers are willing to overlook the stone’s shortcomings. Fortunately, concrete pavers made to mimic the look of bluestone can give you the best of both worlds. Here’s how to achieve the soothing look and feel of bluestone with all the reliability of concrete in Bristol, CT.


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Attracted to the Allure of Bluestone 

Bluestone is a special type of sandstone quarried in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. The advantages of this stone are that each paver is unique. With color variations ranging from the classic steel gray to stones infused with hints of rust, purple, green, or brown, the result of using bluestone in a landscape is an outdoor living space that is as unique as a fingerprint.

However, there are several key disadvantages: bluestone—especially when it is left unsealed—tends to spall (flake) because of moisture penetration and foot traffic. And because each batch is limited in quantity based on the size of the quarry and the depth at which the stone is quarried, you are not guaranteed to find stone to match should you want to expand your patio. While it’s fun to mix and match bluestone onsite for a naturally random look, introducing a new section that is obviously different than the original can result in an aesthetically unappealing look.


Opting for the Look of Bluestone Plus Durability

Unilock offers two pavers that closely match the uniqueness of bluestone, with the reliability of high-end concrete pavers.

Richcliff pavers in Dawn Mist and Smoke Shale most closely resemble bluestone. This premier paver features three Unilock technologies so that it will stand the test of time, in style. 

Reala Surface Technology uses casts made from many natural flagstone pavers to ensure that your outdoor living space will look as natural as if you used quarried bluestone. Richcliff pavers do not crack, split, spall, or fade. 

EnduraColor Facemix Technology gives Richcliff pavers a rich and lasting color. EnduraColor products feature fine, wear-resistant aggregates with concentrated color on top, supported by a base of coarser aggregates for a strong foundation.

And Ultima Concrete Technology makes Richcliff a versatile paver that can withstand the demands of any residential use, including driveways. With up to four times greater strength than poured concrete, this paver will continue to add value to your home for many decades. Along with the three-size random bundle, a new XL rectangle is available to give you a multitude of laying options. 

A more affordable option comes in the form of Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers from Unilock. The Fossil, New York Blend, and Steel Mountain colors offer three different authentic bluestone looks (since bluestone colors vary from quarry to quarry, these three pavers cover virtually the entire spectrum). This flagstone-inspired paver features a subtle and realistic surface texture that brings added dimension in the low light of morning and evening. Its colors won’t fade thanks to EnduraColor technology, and four different sizes (a random bundle of a small rectangle, medium square, and large rectangle as well as a separate XL rectangle) give you nearly endless pattern options.

Large format natural stone pavers best showcase their unique individual characteristics, so to achieve a realistic bluestone look, opt for using the largest pavers in the field of your outdoor space, and reserve the smaller pavers for a subtle and elegant border. 

When you’re ready to enhance your outdoor living spaces, you can be sure that Unilock offers high quality concrete pavers that look great and offer exceptional performance.


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The title image features Richcliff pavers.


Achieve the Soothing Look and Feel of Bluestone with All the Reliability of Concrete in Bristol, CT