6 Reasons to Choose Richcliff, a Bluestone-Like Paver, for Your Troy, NY, Poolscape

6 Reasons to Choose Richcliff, a Bluestone-Like Paver, for Your Troy, NY, Poolscape

If you’re building a new pool deck or renovating an existing one—and you want a pool deck with the beauty and unique characteristics of bluestone—be sure to check out an alternative that has a few features that bluestone doesn’t: Richcliff pavers from Unilock. Here are six reasons why Unilock Richcliff pavers would be great for your Troy, NY, poolscape.


  1. Richcliff pavers are safe for use around pools. 

Richcliff pavers feature non-slip surfaces even when the pavers are wet. While Richcliff pavers mimic the textures of natural bluestone, they are safe and swimsuit-friendly. Natural bluestone can sometimes spall (flake) and chip, causing tripping hazards and snagging swimsuits. Richcliff pavers feel great on bare feet and won’t snag swimsuits.


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  1. Richcliff pavers look just like bluestone. 

The pavers are offered in three colors: Smoke Shale, Pebble Taupe, and Dawn Mist. For the most realistic bluestone look and a completely unique pool deck, you can mix these colors onsite. Natural bluestone isn’t just the famous deep blue/gray; individual stones can have a huge variety of colors and tones, including rust, light gray, purple, and even green—so mixing batches of pavers could give you the most realistic look. 

The textures of Richcliff pavers also contribute to a natural quarried stone look for your pool deck. The pavers are cast from many different natural stones, ensuring that your pool deck will have a random and natural appearance.


  1. Richcliff pavers outlast bluestone.

Bluestone is a beautiful stone and when meticulously cared for, will last a long time. However, the demands of a pool—including pool chemicals and prolonged sun exposure—can age bluestone fast. Richcliff pavers are designed to last. They will not crack, split, fade, or spall (flake). They are made with Ultima Concrete Technology, which makes Richcliff pavers up to four times stronger than conventional poured concrete. 

After the summer fun is over and the pool is closed up for the season, you can rest easy knowing that Richcliff pavers will stand up to the harshest winters with ease, never cracking or shifting as a result of the freeze-thaw cycle. They also resist fading thanks to EnduraColor Facemix Technology. This technology also makes the pavers resistant to spills, including harsh pool chemicals.


  1. Cleanup is simple with Richcliff pavers. 

A mild solution of dish soap and a scrub with a nylon-bristled brush will remove spills before they stain. Aside from routine sweeping, spill cleanup and occasional power-washing, Richcliff pavers require no maintenance and sealing is not required. However, if you want to enhance the color and enhance stain resistance, you can reseal the pool deck every three to five years. 


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  1. Richcliff pavers are easy to install.

Richcliff pavers are dimensionally accurate, which makes installation fast and efficient. They are designed to interlock like puzzle pieces for a stable surface that won’t shift over time.


  1. Richcliff pavers offer many design possibilities.

Richcliff pavers come in a random bundle of three different sizes/shapes: large and small rectangles, and a large square. An extra-large rectangle is also available. You can use this in combination with the random bundles for expanded patterning options or use the XL size as the main field paver and the smaller sizes as borders and accents.

A beautiful pool deck is a big investment and Richcliff pavers ensure that you get a return on your investment with high quality, design versatility, durability, and safety you want. Download the free design idea catalog from Unilock to get started designing your perfect pool area, or talk to a Unilock Authorized Contractor today!


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6 Reasons to Choose Richcliff, a Bluestone-Like Paver, for Your Troy, NY, Poolscape