6 Pavers with Color Options that Warm Winter Hardscapes in Glen Cove, NY

6 Pavers with Color Options that Warm Winter Hardscapes in Glen Cove, NY
The title image features Beacon Hill Smooth pavers with Rivercrest Wall.


Winter can make the world seem like it’s been transported back to a time of black and white photography. While this stark beauty has its own charm, you can liven up the view from your window by choosing from these six pavers with color options that warm winter landscapes in Glen Cove, NY.


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It’s true that light colors make spaces feel larger and dark colors make spaces feel smaller, you don’t need to stop there. Think about what you want your hardscapes to feel like in all seasons, in all weather conditions, and in all light conditions.


The “feel” of an outdoor space can be divided into elegant/sophisticated or relaxed/casual. Both styles can incorporate a warm feeling. The main difference is in textures. You can achieve an elegant and sophisticated look by using smooth textures and a relaxed/casual look with more pronounced textures.


Elegant Pavers with Warm Color Options

Beacon Hill Smooth from Unilock takes its inspiration from natural cut flagstone, but features a very subtle texture that makes it perfect for a sophisticated outdoor space. Beacon Hill Smooth is available in two delicious warm tones: the softly sun-bleached Tuscany and the rich Copper Ridge.


Copthorne pavers from Unilock bring a historic feel to any home. Inspired by classic timeworn European street pavers, Copthorne pavers are cast using Reala Technology for an authentic surface appearance, and Ultima Concrete Technology delivers up to four times the strength of conventional poured concrete making this paver perfect for driveways, walkways, patios, and vertical feature accents. Cold-busting colors include Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, and Old Oak. Blend several colors for a unique look, and add Steel Blue to tone down the red for a fresh contemporary look.


Richcliff pavers are inspired by flagstone as well, but this versatile paver is suitable for driveways, patios, walkways, pool surrounds, and commercial applications. The textures of Unilock Richcliff pavers were cast using Reala Technology for a natural appearance. Ultima Concrete Technology ensures that Richcliff pavers are up to four times stronger than conventional poured concrete. Richcliff pavers are available in four sizes, including an XL rectangle. Pebble Taupe and Dawn Mist are perfect for warming up a winter wonderland. When blended on site, these two colors create a hardscape reminiscent of the character of bluestone but in warmer colors.


Casual Pavers with Warm Color Options

Beacon Hill Flagstone is a textured Unilock paver inspired by natural cut flagstone. Its rich colors stay vibrant over the year thanks to EnduraColor Facemix Technology. The surface texture is barefoot friendly, and the textures become dramatic in the low light of sunrise and sunset. These relatively large-format pavers come in four sizes, including an XL paver, for endless design options. Beacon Hill Flagstone comes in wonderful winter-warming tones: Almond Grove, Bavarian, Coffee Creek, and Tuscany.


Mattoni brick-style pavers from Unilock are an eye-catching alternative to large format pavers. Available in a warm Cocoa Brown, a lighter Sable Blend, and a dramatic Dark Charcoal, these long, slender pavers will bring a lot of visual interest and texture to your outdoor living space. Their distressed appearance and slim format makes them perfect for casual spaces or for creating artistic curves within a hardscape.


Thornbury is similar to Beacon Hill Flagstone in that it is inspired by flagstone, but this Unilock paver features a more pronounced texture and smaller sizes. This paver gives you the option of creating a permeable hardscape, perfect for north-facing or shaded applications including driveways, patios, walkways, and pool surrounds. Beat the winter chill with the warmth of Almond Grove, Bavarian, or Sierra.


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6 Pavers with Color Options that Warm Winter Hardscapes in Glen Cove, NY