6 Landscaping Ideas for Enhancing your Small Front Porch in Oxford, CT

6 Landscaping Ideas for Enhancing your Small Front Porch in Oxford, CT


Your small front porch has the potential to offer enviable outdoor living, equal in luxury to a large deck or patio. Here are a few tips to help you transform your compact Oxford, CT, outdoor area into an inviting getaway packed with curb appeal.


Minimize furniture, maximize space

A comfortable outdoor area requires enough open space to foster a breathable atmosphere and facilitate free movement. Avoid crowding your front porch with bulky furniture and opt for small, round tables and chairs without arms that can slide comfortably into any corner. Better yet, define and enclose your front porch using low walls that can double as seat walls. A combination of high-quality Unilock wall units and a fullnose coping option such as Ledgestone or Brussels Fullnose is ideal for this sort of project.


Define different zones

Large patios are typically divided into separate areas with particular functions, for example, an outdoor kitchen, dining area and poolside. The same principle can be applied when designing a small front porch to maximise the little space it has to offer and achieve a chic, organized end product. For example, the area immediately in front of the door should be kept clear as this zone is designated to facilitate entering and exiting the home. One corner of the patio can be filled with a small bistro table and assortment of chairs, designating that zone to greeting guests with drinks and conversation. An eye-catching accent paver, such as Series can be incorporated into the design as a border around areas to keep them distinct.


Opt for small plants

A small front porch can easily be overpowered by large leafy potted plants. Ensure that the plants placed on the porch, and the shrubs or trees with which you surround the porch, are all conservatively sized. This will prevent your porch from being hidden behind the greenery, allowing it to contribute to the curb appeal of your home.


Create flow

Expand your porch by connecting it to the rest of your property. Your porch may bear existing connections to the driveway or side yard and, if not, these connections can be made. Ensure that the walkways leading away from the porch are well-manicured and inviting, making the porch appear continuous with the rest of the landscape. A paver with long-lasting color, such as Copthorne and others offered by the EnduraColor Plus range from Unilock, are ideal for ensuring walkways and courtyards that stay looking new and fresh for decades.

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Create color illusions

Designers often utilize specific colors to make rooms appear larger or smaller. Light neutrals and pastel colors are good candidates for small porches because they make cramped areas appear more spacious by maximising the amount of light visible. Balancing a selection of light and dark colors can create a multi-dimensional color palette that does not result in a suffocating end product. Consider pairing a largely light and neutral color palette, such as Umbriano pavers in Summer Wheat, with a few navy-painted wooden elements for a quaint nautical theme and an airy outdoor room.


Pay attention to detail

In a small outdoor room, each individual feature must have a function and be beautiful, or complement the aesthetic of the design. Take a careful look at each piece of furniture on your porch and consider whether it is necessary and whether it adds to the visual appeal of the room. For help with the design or remodelling of your front porch, contact a Unilock Authorized Contractor today!

The title image features a front entrance using Copthorne pavers.


6 Landscaping Ideas for Enhancing your Small Front Porch in Oxford, CT