6 Landscaping Ideas for Creating a Tropical Backyard Swimming Pool and Spa in Fairfield, CT

6 Landscaping Ideas for Creating a Tropical Backyard Swimming Pool and Spa in Fairfield, CT


When creating a landscape plan to complement your pool design, there are many different directions to go. If the pool is an organic, curving shape, consider tying in elements that create the feel of a tropical grotto. Even in the cooler climate of Fairfield, Connecticut, there are several elements you can add to your landscape design to create an exotic oasis at home. Here are some landscaping ideas on how to do this:


Surface choices

When designing your patio and pool, consider pavers that have a warm, sandy tone. High performance concrete pavers like Umbriano from Unilock are a good option, being sturdy enough to handle weather changes, and offering a non-slick surface – a must around pool areas. The textural, sandy colors of Summer Wheat or Autumn Sunset are not only visually appealing in a tropical design, but the lighter colors keep the surface temperature down on sunny days. In addition, Umbriano is equipped EasyClean Stain Resistance to ensure that any poolside spills, as well as stains from pool chemicals, can be quickly and easily cleaned. Brussels Block in the Sandstone color option is another excellent option for a tropical aesthetic.

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Curving plant beds that wrap the patio in organic shapes and mirror the silhouette of the pool can help to create a tropical aesthetic and visual appeal. Create borders around the plant beds with dark contrasting pavers, like Series in Black Granite, or the deep brick reds of Copthorne and fill the beds with interesting pebbles to help the green of shrubs and plants stand out, or small white rocks reminiscent of white sand beaches. Greenery and flowers will pop out against the stone beds.


Tropical plants

There are several tropical-looking plants that are hardy enough for cooler climates. Consider ferns and leafy plants that have a breezy, tropical appearance. Shrubs with brightly colored flowers are also an excellent complement to the tropical aesthetic.


Rock accents

Rocky outcroppings are another feature that is reminiscent of the tropics. Building up flower beds, or even your spa, with a textural, rocky wall system that looks like rough hewn stone, and then surrounding them with dense greenery, will create the sense of a private oasis. For walls with a natural stone feel, consider Rivercrest Wall in Buff, to complement the sandy tones of the patio. The tumbled, time worn appeal of the Brussels Dimensional System is also ideal. This wall unit can be used for retaining walls, seating walls and other vertical elements.


Waterfall Walls

A waterfall is a great visual accent for any pool design, and is a creative way of keeping water flowing through the filtration process as well. Placing a rocky wall or outcropping on one end of the pool, and letting the water flow like a natural jungle waterfall is sure to add to the exotic appeal of your poolscape.


Fire pits

Fire is a great complement to water, and what better way to keep your tropical oasis useful into cooler nights than a cozy gathering nook? The range of Unilock Firepit Kits gives you many different options to consider. Consider matching your fire pit with other vertical elements of your poolscape. For example, match your Rivercrest Wall retaining wall system with the Rivercrest Firepit Kit. Be sure to provide plenty of seating around it, with either cozy lounge chairs or a built in seating wall.

The title image features an Umbriano pool patio in the Autumn Sunset color option with Sandstone Brussels Block and Copthorne accents, along with a Brussels Dimensional System seat wall.


6 Landscaping Ideas for Creating a Tropical Backyard Swimming Pool and Spa in Fairfield, CT