6 Benefits of Opting for Stone Pavers for Franklin Lakes, NJ, Walkways

6 Benefits of Opting for Stone Pavers for Franklin Lakes, NJ, Walkways


Stone paver walkways give your home curb appeal that poured concrete can’t match. If your walkway is ready for a style and function upgrade, you’ll want to know about the six benefits of opting for stone pavers for Franklin Lakes, NJ walkways.


First, you may be wondering whether all stone materials are alike. The answer is no. While the look of natural stone is undeniably charming and filled with character, there are a few important considerations that relate specifically to walkways. Certain natural stones, while textured, can become extremely slippery when wet, particularly if moss is allowed to grow there. Another drawback is that certain types of natural stone can have a tendency to flake (a process known as spalling), which can create a tripping hazard.


Unilock Premium Natural Stone comes in two distinct types—Sandstone (in a warm buff color) and Limestone (in a sophisticated cool gray). Unilock natural stone features low water absorption, which makes for outstanding freeze-thaw durability and strength. These materials are precision-cut for easy installation, allowing you to enjoy the character of quality natural stone.


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A great option for many homeowners is manufactured stone pavers, which have the beauty of natural stone but some significant advantages. The advantages of Unilock include:


Natural Beauty

Unilock pavers are inspired by nature, and several technologies contribute to the ultra-realistic look that is virtually indistinguishable from natural stone: Reala Technology uses casts made from real stones, to ensure realistic textures as well as a variety of textures, so that a walkway doesn’t end up with frequently repeated patterns—just like in nature. You can see Reala Technology “in action” in Unilock Richcliff pavers, which feature the rich texture of natural flagstone. Unilock Umbriano pavers ColorFusion Technology, which uses randomly dispersed granite particles throughout each paver, for a realistic look and a natural, non-slip texture.


Easy Maintenance

Westport Easy Clean pavers from Unilock may come to mind as the perfect paver for outdoor kitchen and dining areas, but these flagstone-like pavers are also perfect for walkways if budget is a constraint. Most pavers don’t need to be sealed, but having the convenience of Unilock EasyClean Stain Resistance makes upkeep simple: Just wipe up spills and sweep debris off the surface.


Strength, Durability, Color-fastness, and Longevity 

Pavers from Unilock are designed to last. With Ultima Technology that features four times the strength of poured concrete and EnduraColor FaceMix Technology (which has finer, color-saturated aggregates at the top for color and abrasion resistance and larger aggregates near the bottom for strength), Copthorne pavers would give your walkway unparalleled longevity.


Design Versatility

Most Unilock pavers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Combine that with various laying patterns, and you have so many options for creating a unique walkway that’s sure to turn heads. A popular way to personalize a walkway is to use borders or inlays (using a contrasting paver), but even a simple monochromatic walkway can be quite interesting with the right laying pattern.


Fast Installation

Since Unilock pavers are precision-cut for dimensional consistency, installation goes quickly. Even better, your walkway can be used almost immediately after installation—no waiting for concrete to cure. 


Easy Replacement

In the unlikely event that a paver gets damaged, you can replace just the one paver rather than worrying about patching an entire area.


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The title image features Richcliff pavers with Courtstone accents.


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