5 Qualities to Look for in Patio Pavers in Dix Hills, NY

5 Qualities to Look for in Patio Pavers in Dix Hills, NY
The title image features Beacon Hill Smooth pavers.


When it’s time for a patio upgrade, it’s hard to beat the aesthetic appeal and practicality of concrete pavers. However, so many available choices can make it hard to choose. To help narrow your choices, here are five qualities to look for in patio paves in Dix Hills, NY.


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  1. Safety

Slip-resistant surfaces are essential for any patio. Unilock patio pavers come with a slip-resistant finish that may be smooth or textured, and they remain safe to walk on even when wet. Pavers are individual units but they lock together like puzzle pieces, and since they are separated by polymeric sand, they remain stable through the freeze-thaw cycle and won’t heave or shift, or cause a tripping hazard. In summer, even darker pavers remain comfortable on bare feet since the joints between them allow heat to escape.  


  1. Color and Aesthetic Appeal

A patio should be beautiful to look at whether you’re using it or admiring it from the kitchen window. Choose pavers that complement your home’s architectural style, but if you’re not sure which style you want to go for or you plan on renovating your home in the future, you can’t go wrong with the Beacon Hill series from Unilock. Beacon Hill Flagstone gives you the wonderful textures of natural flagstone and eight colors to complement any decor, and Beacon Hill Smooth offers a sleeker, more modern look in five earthy colors. Both paver types offer a neutral color palette that is equally at home next to any architectural style. 


Unilock offers an incredible range of patio pavers, ranging from classic brick-like Copthorne pavers to large-format pavers that give your outdoor space a spa-like quality. If there’s a particular paver color you love, your local Unilock Authorized Contractor will help you narrow your choices to the products that deliver the look and feel you want.


  1. Low Maintenance

To help you enjoy your outdoor living space more, Unilock pavers are sealed with a durable finish that makes cleanup a breeze. If your patio will feature an outdoor kitchen or grill station, consider Unilock pavers with EasyClean Stain Resistance. For a sophisticated look, Umbriano pavers feature an amazing granite-like appearance that complements outdoor kitchen work surfaces, as well as the EasyClean treatment, which ensures that spills won’t become stains. Also infused with EasyClean Stain Resistance, Westport EasyClean gives you the look of hand-hewn stone with irregular sides for a relaxed and natural look.  


  1. Sizes, Shapes, and Laying Patterns

Different paver sizes, shapes, and laying patterns give your patio a completely different look. A medium-size patio that’s large enough to house a small outdoor kitchen, dining area and a comfortable seating area can be totally transformed by the choice of paver sizes. Smaller pavers such as Mattoni will make the space feel more intimate and textured. Midsize pavers such as Richcliff in a mix of two rectangular sizes and one square size, laid in a random ashlar pattern will invite the eye to linger in the space.


  1. Durability

Patio pavers from Unilock will yield a significant return on your investment over the long term. Quality pavers are strong, they retain their color, they resist damage from the elements, require very little upkeep, and should a paver be damaged, it can be replaced individually.   


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5 Qualities to Look for in Patio Pavers in Dix Hills, NY