5 Patio Pavers That Resemble Brick in Dover, NJ

Get the Look of Natural Stone With the Durability of Concrete in Glen Allen, VA

The title image features Copthorne pavers and Brussels Block banding.


As you explore the possibilities for your landscape remodel, you will find that it is hard to beat the timeless charm of bricks for patios, driveways, and walkways. But you may also discover that traditional clay bricks can be more difficult to install due to size variances and their color choices can be very limited. To get the look of brick in a more contemporary product, consider the following five patio pavers from Unilock that resemble brick in Dover, NJ.


When most people think of brick, the classic “brick red” comes to mind. Unilock offers several types of brick-shaped pavers that are inspired by old-world streets and plazas, yet are offered in a wider range of traditional as well as contemporary colors, opening up the possibilities of using them with nearly every architectural style. Some pavers can give you the traditional shape of brick, along with an interesting dimpled surface. The colors and texture of these pavers make them ideal for rustic and casual settings, or as a stunning contrast with the clean, sleek lines of modern architecture.


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Artline pavers do not disappoint if you are looking for a variety of shapes as well as a more contemporary color palette. These pavers are, in fact, not available in traditional brick colors at all. Rather, they are blended colors: Copper Ridge, Steel Mountain, Tuscany, and Winter Marvel—as well as a subtle French Grey. As with other Unilock pavers, colors can be blended onsite to create a unique space.



Copthorne patio pavers are traditionally sized pavers suitable for any pedestrian application. They take inspiration from European street pavers and are available in five colors, including three traditional reddish tones (Burnt Clay, Old Oak, and Burgundy Red) plus two contemporary colors, Basalt and Steel Blue. These pavers look stunning when two or three colors are combined; for example, when the Steel Blue color is mixed with Burgundy Red and Burnt Clay, this look helps to tone down the reddish hue of a hardscape and makes the hardscape feel fresh and contemporary.


Holland Premier

Holland Premier pavers offer an economical alternative for driveways, patios and walkways. The chunky 4×8 size is remarkably durable, making these pavers a great choice for virtually any application, including commercial vehicular use. The contemporary color palette includes Almond Grove, Charcoal, Granite, Red, Rustin Red, and Sierra—in other words, you’ll find a color that’s perfect for any setting.



Mattoni pavers feature a weathered surface, and their warm colors—Sable Blend, Cocoa Brown, and Dark Charcoal—enhance any hardscape. These patio pavers add a modern flair to the term “brick” with their slender, longer dimensions. You will still get the wonderful texture and aesthetic of brick but in a format that is more conducive to modern applications.


Town Hall

Town Hall pavers are more substantially proportioned than Copthorne or Mattoni, and come in Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Old Oak, Basalt, and two colors with a stunning marbled effect, Heritage Red and Heritage Clay—when these are mixed with one of the traditional red colors, the result is nothing short of stunning! Town Hall pavers are also suitable for driveways, where they can be installed as permeable pavers that allow water to seep through the joints rather than pooling or running off.


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5 Patio Pavers That Resemble Brick in Dover, NJ