5 Modern Walkway Pavers to Consider For Your Next Remodel in Potomac, MD

5 Modern Walkway Pavers to Consider For Your Next Remodel in Potomac, MD

The title image features Artline walkway pavers.


If it’s time for an upgrade to your Potomac, MC, outdoor living space, you’ll want to consider these five modern walkway pavers for your remodel. Any of these Unilock pavers can also be used on patios for a unified look—and they can add a lot of personality and value to your home.


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The Latest Landscape Design Trends

Modern design trends are moving toward simplicity and a monochromatic style that emphasizes texture. This trend gives a walkway—formerly a more or less utilitarian feature—its own distinct presence without being overwhelming. And because this uncluttered look is fresh and clean, it can complement any architectural style.


Walkway Pavers That Deserve a Close Look

Large pavers are a hot trend in modern outdoor living spaces. Beacon Hill Smooth pavers are available in an XL 34.625″ x 20.875″ size, which is perfect for a walkway. On a narrow side yard walkway, this beautiful flagstone-inspired paver can be laid perpendicular to the direction of travel. On a wider front entry walkway, lay two pavers side by side, aligning the long side in the direction of travel. Alternatively, use a contrasting border such as Copthorne in Basalt. For more textural interest and a relaxed look, choose the random bundle option of three sizes and install them in a random ashlar pattern.


Artline pavers give your walkway an on-trend linear look. Aside from the long, clean lines, this paver mixes seven different rectangular shapes of varying lengths and two widths, as well as a variety of textures and finishes. These finishes can be installed separately for a cohesive appearance, or combined randomly to create a walkway with exceptional interest. This paver tends to pair best with simple yet elegant architectural styles.


Classic Vs. Modern

Give your walkway the timeless appeal of granite with Umbriano pavers. This modern paver is available in Autumn Sunset, French Grey, Harvest Brown, Midnight Sky, Summer Wheat, and Winter Marvel, and a range of sizes including a square. The unique mottled surface of these pavers is achieved using Unilock ColorFusion Technology, which randomly disperses real granite particles throughout to achieve an authentic granite look and a sleek yet non-slip texture. For added drama and a distinctive look, Umbriano pavers can be laid at an angle to the direction of travel, and bordered with Courtstone cobblestone pavers.


Take brick to a fresh modern level with Mattoni pavers. Narrower and longer than traditional bricks and available in three distinctly “not brick red” colors (Sable Blend, Cocoa Brown and Dark Charcoal), these pavers beautifully complement a traditional or contemporary home—but with a modern twist. The distressed, time-worn surface of Mattoni and the earthy colors bring warmth to modern architecture. Various laying patterns give you plenty of options for creating a character-filled walkway, especially if you enjoy curved walkways that meander gently through the landscape. 


Transition pavers feature subtle color blends that work with any architectural style. These small format pavers are suitable for use in pedestrian as well as residential vehicular applications, which is perfect if you want to match your walkway to your driveway. Transition is available in two sizes (5.875″ x 5.875″ and 9″ x 5.875″); use these two shapes together for a more relaxed pattern, or individually for a simpler look. 


For more design inspiration and to see how various pavers work together in combination, connect with your local Unilock Authorized Contractor.


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5 Modern Walkway Pavers to Consider For Your Next Remodel in Potomac, MD