5 Hardscaping Ideas for Sloped Front Yards in New Rochelle, NY

5 Hardscaping Ideas for Sloped Front Yards in New Rochelle, NY


A sloped backyard may seem like an unstable and high-maintenance piece of land with little hardscaping potential. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! There are plenty of ways to spruce up a slope in New Rochelle, NY. Read on to discover a few tips and tricks for taming your hillside landscape.


Steps with Natural Appeal

Outdoor space is in short supply these days and the steepest of landscapes must still be navigated in order to make good use of every square foot. Steps are excellent additions to sloped backyards because they provide a safe route up the slope, while breaking up any large expanses of grass or vegetation. The more natural your steps appear, the better! Opt for steps that integrate effortlessly into the surrounding softscape for a seamless and harmonious hardscape design. Rivercrest Wall from Unilock features natural stacked flagstone shapes and textures and is ideal for creating steps and retaining walls with an elegant yet authentic appeal. The subtle colors of Buff and Coastal Slate are also perfect for matching to just about any landscape or home exterior color scheme imaginable. Pair this with Ledgestone for the treads of the steps and wall coping for a combination rich in texture and detail.


A serene stream

A sloped backyard has its benefits – for example, it provides plenty of gravitational force to facilitate the creation of a stunning water feature or stream. Consider placing a selection of rocks and boulders strategically along the slope, creating plenty of opportunities for water to crash against them and produce satisfying white noise. The stream can end in a waterfall or understated pond filled with stunning koi.

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Green terraces

An unruly slope can be organized and leveled out into a series of flat surfaces. The terraces created are excellent locations for dramatic plantings or a sheer layer of short, creeping vegetation – depending on your style. Each terrace will have to be contained by a retaining wall, which can be built using a range of wall options from Unilock. Concord Wall, for example, is a heavy-duty retaining wall unit that is stunning when paired with bright green shrubs.


A daring patio

One way to make the most of your sloped outdoor living space is by constructing a multi-level patio that protrudes from the hillside. The patio will be able to function as a dining area, cozy conversation spot or private yoga studio – extending the use of that space far beyond what plantings could achieve. Consider Umbriano pavers for a front yard patio that is easy to clean, easy on the feet and vibrant with the allure of granite.


A room with a view

Sloped landscapes tend to offer stunning views of their surrounds, especially from their highest points. Nestle a comfortable stone patio into the hillside and arrange your patio furniture to optimise your view. A network of quaint steps and walkways can weave throughout the slope and merge with the patio, creating a hidden gem within your landscape. Unilock offers a range of Premium Quality Natural Stone products for the creation of exactly this sort of patio.

The title image features Rivercrest Wall retaining walls and step risers with Ledgestone coping and treads.


5 Hardscaping Ideas for Sloped Front Yards in New Rochelle, NY