5 Driveway Pavers That Can Withstand Frequent Traffic and Heavy Loads in Norwalk, CT

5 Driveway Pavers That Can Withstand Frequent Traffic and Heavy Loads in Norwalk, CT
The title image features Artline driveway pavers.


If yours is one of those busy homes with people constantly coming and going, you want a driveway that lasts. Here are five driveway pavers that can withstand frequent traffic and heavy loads in Norwalk, CT.


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Why Are Concrete Paver Driveways So Durable?

Driveway pavers are designed to easily handle vehicular loads and resist the freeze-thaw cycle. This is because unlike asphalt or poured concrete, concrete pavers are individual units that are actually designed to press closer together under load, which prevents them from shifting or from cracking, which inevitably destroys an asphalt or concrete driveway. 



The long, clean lines of Unilock Artline pavers perfectly complement modern designs. Available in a random bundle of seven different rectangular shapes of varying lengths and two widths, Artline pavers are laid in a running bond pattern for a linear look. Choose from a variety of color and texture options, including some with EnduraColor (for long-lasting color) and EasyClean (an integral surface protection from stains). This paver line lets you combine textures and finishes for a one-of-a-kind showstopper driveway that can stand up to the heaviest traffic.



Unilock Copthorne pavers are inspired by classic European brick street pavers for a historic feel.  Available in five colors to match any decor, you can combine several colors on site for a unique look and added character and dimension. Ultima Technology gives these pavers up to four times the strength of poured concrete, giving you peace of mind that your driveway will easily stand up to many years of heavy use. These premium concrete pavers also feature Reala Technology, which uses casts made from a variety of real bricks for a realistic brick appearance.



The old-world charm of cobblestones brings instant charm to your home when you choose Courtstone pavers from Unilock. With their worn-smooth sheen reminiscent of ancient roads that have seen centuries of traffic, these pavers create a truly unique driveway. Courtstone pavers are also popular accents or borders, although they make a statement when used as the main field pavers on your driveway. Courtstone also features Ultima Technology for superior compressive strength; and although their hand-cut appearance makes for a charming surface, their precisely dimensioned bases are designed to lock together for a virtually indestructible surface. 



Unilock Richcliff pavers can be perfect for those who prefer a more non-traditional driveway appearance—one that more closely resembles outdoor living spaces. Inspired by natural flagstone, these large format pavers give your driveway a contemporary yet relaxed look. Three colors make Richcliff work with any architectural style. For a rustic bluestone look, combine several of the available colors. Ultima Technology makes Richcliff pavers strong enough for the most demanding residential driveway use. Reala Technology gives Richcliff pavers a random, realistic appearance.  


Town Hall

If you love the look of brick but feel that bricks are too delicate for the scope of your home or driveway, choose Town Hall pavers from Unilock. You get the historic brick road appeal of Copthorne but in a more substantial format. Town Hall pavers come in a variety of colors, including two unique marbled paver colors, Heritage Red and Heritage Clay. Blend these two colors on site—and using the Basalt color as an accent—for a one-of-a-kind driveway. Town Hall pavers also feature Ultima Technology for unbeatable strength and durability.

For design ideas, check out the free Unilock Idea Catalog, and always trust a Unilock Authorized Contractor to handle the installation for a driveway you’ll be happy with for decades.


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5 Driveway Pavers That Can Withstand Frequent Traffic and Heavy Loads in Norwalk, CT