5 Coping Options for a Rustic Retaining Wall in Edgewood, MD

5 Coping Options for a Rustic Retaining Wall in Edgewood, MD
The title image features Rivercrest Wall and Ledgestone coping.


There’s something so satisfying about a rustic retaining wall. You can admire the natural textures, the historic appeal, and the feeling that even though “they don’t build them like they used to,” this wall is an exception. Here are five coping options for a rustic retaining wall in Edgewood, MD, that will add that all-important finishing touch.


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What Is a Rustic Retaining Wall?

The definition of rustic includes the comforts of the countryside, rural living, and prioritizing the kind of simplicity and charm that is considered typical of the countryside. It also involves plain and simple fashion and opting for products that appear to be handmade or hand-laid rather than something that looks to be entirely machine made.


Rustic walls work well in any setting, from ultramodern to farmhouse and everything in between. They add character, warmth, visual interest, and a sense of belonging to the natural environment.


Unilock features several wall products that fall under the definition of rustic. Here, we will pair them with the right coping for a relaxed and rustic look.


Unilock Rustic Wall Units and Coping

The Red Dot Design Award winning Rivercrest Wall can give your landscape the look of stacked flagstone, which has been used for centuries along the eastern seaboard. This wall pairs well with Ledgestone coping, which features pitched edges that look as though they’ve been hand-cut. The two neutral colors (Buff and Grey) perfectly complement Rivercrest Wall. This combination creates a retaining wall that looks as though it’s been there forever and was built with craftsmanship and pride. Ledgestone coping is also a popular choice for garden steps, stepping-stone walkways, and even benches to tie your entire landscape together.


The Brussels Dimensional System from Unilock is a wall system that complements the Brussels Dimensional Stone paver line. These tumbled wall units feature a distressed and weathered finish that is reminiscent of ancient Mediterranean villages. If you prefer rounded bullnose coping edges, finish off a Brussels Dimensional System wall with Brussels Fullnose coping. If you prefer more angular hand-hewn edges, opt for Ledgestone coping. Brussels Fullnose is often used as pool coping, but it also softens the appearance of a retaining wall. Brussels Fullnose coping is also a popular choice for steps. 


Natural stone coping from Unilock also works beautifully with Rivercrest Wall and the Brussels Dimensional System. Available in Sandstone (a warm tan) and Limestone (a cool gray), this can be the perfect coping choice if you are using natural stone on your patio or walkway surface.


Estate Wall is a wall system that includes coping as part of the line. Featuring a rougher texture than the Brussels Dimensional System, this antiqued wall is reminiscent of aged natural rock. Coping, steps, and various shaped units are part of this versatile line.


Concord Wall features an automatic setback that creates the perfect slope to a retaining wall. Concord Wall coping, which can also be used to construct steps, can be the ideal complement; for a more substantial coping, you may want to choose Ledgestone.


The right wall and coping combinations create a rustic vibe in any setting. For best results, always use a Unilock Authorized Contractor to perform the installation. Before you reach out, you can get inspired to create a one-of-a-kind retaining wall with the Unilock Idea Catalog.


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5 Coping Options for a Rustic Retaining Wall in Edgewood, MD