5 Concrete Pavers That Mimic Old-World Paving Stones in Edgewood, MD

5 Concrete Pavers That Mimic Old-World Paving Stones in Edgewood, MD

The title image features Courtstone concrete pavers


Ultra-modern, contemporary, traditional, rustic, cottage, bungalow, or farmhouse… whatever the style of your home, you can give your landscape some vintage charm by using paving stones that have a historic feel. Here are five concrete pavers that mimic old-world paving stones in Edgewood, MD.


What makes a paver “old world”? First, the surface finish can be well-worn—as if it has seen centuries of traffic or is weathered by the elements. Another feature of historic-looking pavers is that they look hand-hewn. There are several Unilock pavers that meet both of these criteria on the surface, while underneath, they are precision-engineered to fit together perfectly without the need for on-site cutting and shaping.


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Tumbled Pavers

Tumbled pavers such as Brussels Block are reminiscent of ancient and well-worn paving stones found throughout Europe and particularly the Mediterranean countries. These pavers look like they’ve weathered many a storm and have lots of stories to tell. Available in six colors to match any aesthetic, these pavers are a favorite among homeowners looking for a relaxed atmosphere in their outdoor living spaces.


Brick-shaped Pavers

Clay brick is one of the oldest building materials, and concrete takes this timeless shape to a new level of durability and strength. Unilock offers several types of brick-like pavers that are reminiscent of Old World streets and plazas, yet are offered in a range of contemporary colors. 


Mattoni pavers are long, slender pavers that come in a warm Cocoa Brown, a weathered Sable Blend, and a dramatic Dark Charcoal. These pavers pair perfectly with modern architecture and give your outdoor living spaces a charming appeal. Combine Cocoa Brown and Sable Blend in the main field of the patio or walkway, and use Dark Charcoal as a striking accent.


Copthorne pavers are more traditionally sized pavers that are inspired by European street pavers such as you would find in Amsterdam or London. Five colors, including three reddish tones plus a dramatic Basalt and Steel Blue, are available. Combining two or more colors ensures that your outdoor living space is unique and filled with character.


Cobblestone Walkway Pavers

Cobblestone pavers immediately bring to mind old European city and village roads, where they are still used to this day. Cobblestones are roughly square or slightly rectangular and due to their small size, they are incredibly durable. Courtstone cobblestone pavers are available in two dramatic colors, Basalt and Belgian Blue. These look stunning on their own, but you can also combine them to create a stunning walkway or driveway. Their surface is well-worn with a buffed sheen and irregular edges, which makes them look old and handmade. But below the surface, these timeless pavers are designed to fit together perfectly. Cobblestone pavers are great for making a bold statement, or as accents and borders for larger pavers.


Slab-Like Pavers

Many European city plazas are constructed using slabs of granite or other local stone. Umbriano pavers give your patio, pool deck, walkway, or driveway the sophisticated look of quarried granite (real granite pieces are incorporated into each paver for an authentic look). Umbriano’s non-slip texture makes it a favorite for wet areas such as pool decks, and EasyClean technology ensures easy cleanup of oil, deicing salts, food, or household chemicals.

Check out the Unilock Design Idea Catalog to get inspiration for your own little slice of the old world right at home.


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The title image features Thornbury(https://unilock.com/products/enduracolor/thornbury/?region=6) pavers. Textured pavers add interest and character to your outdoor living areas and help ground modern architecture into the surrounding landscape. Here are some pleasing landscape design ideas that utilize textured pavers in Newark, NJ. Visual Texture in an Elegant Space Texture is typically thought of as a tactile sensation that you feel when you touch it. When the sun is low, tactile texture is accentuated with beautiful results. However, texture can also be visual. You can add texture by using contrasting jointing sand, pavers with color gradations, and with textured borders and accents. Umbriano pavers from Unilock are smooth, but they look more textured than they are (especially when laid in random patterns) because of real granite particles and color gradients within each paver. This is an approach you can use if you want to stick with sleek and modern pavers but also want to add visual interest. A variety of colors add to your decision to-do list: for Umbriano, choose among Winter Marvel, French Grey, Midnight Sky, Summer Wheat, Autumn Sunset, or Harvest Brown. A Magical Walkway Courtstone pavers from Unilock are popular on walkways and driveways, or as borders alongside large-format pavers. These charming pavers are small in size, and their dark colors (Basalt or Belgian Blue) give your hardscape features a historic old-world cobblestone look. There’s nothing more delightful than following a winding cobblestone path through a wooded setting and allowing the mystery to unfold with each step! Courtstone pavers are often incorporated into rustic hardscape designs due to their irregular edges that look hand cut. However, they also make a stunning contrast next to modern architecture. An Eco-Friendly Pool Deck Thornbury pavers from Unilock feature a pronounced yet barefoot-friendly and non-slip textured surface that creates a beautiful transition from home to nature. Their flagstone texture adds rustic charm to any pool deck, patio, or driveway. The main appeal on pool decks is that they can be installed as a permeable option, which allows water to filter through the joints into a permeable base. This option keeps pool areas, patios, and driveways drier and prevents runoff and pooling water. Thornbury pavers let you enjoy the rustic look of flagstone with the durability of concrete. A Welcoming Tuscan-Inspired Patio Brussels Block pavers feature a weathered, distressed surface that brings to mind ancient Mediterranean villages, grape arbors, and large tables where family and friends gather to share a meal and good wine. The look of tumbled quarried stone adds a relaxed feel to any hardscape. Durable Brussels Block pavers are very versatile. They can be used on patios and walkways, as well as driveways. A Secret Patio Brick-shaped pavers are ideal for creating artistic spaces by combining layout patterns and colors. Copthorne pavers are inspired by European street pavers (think Amsterdam, Bruges, or Frankfurt). Laid in a circular or fan shape, they can bring amazing texture to a patio that’s tucked in among the vegetation to create a welcoming retreat. Add a comfortable bench, potted plants and a fountain, and you won’t want to go back to the “real world”! Check out the Unilock Design Idea Catalog to gather more inspiration for where you can use textured pavers.