5 Concrete Pavers for a Captivating Courtyard in Doylestown, PA

5 Concrete Pavers for a Captivating Courtyard in Doylestown, PA


From style to accents and bordering, choosing the right concrete pavers for your courtyard in Doylestown, PA, will help to ensure a majestic result. The right set of pavers will also help to keep your courtyard beautiful for years to come. Here are some options from Unilock that will help to ensure that your courtyard and other hardscapes are of the highest quality.



Complement your home’s vibrant architecture with the unexpected modern twist achieved with the Richcliff paver. This paver combines classic natural elegance with modern beauty. Cast from hundreds of natural flagstone surfaces, Richcliff presents a texture that makes a grand addition to any home. Aside from its beauty, this paver is the ideal choice for applications where strength is a requirement, whether your courtyard is intended for pedestrian or vehicular use. This is owed to the fact that Richcliff is crafted using Ultima Concrete Technology, a proprietary manufacturing process that creates pavers up to four times the strength of poured concrete.



An excellent candidate for courtyards, patios, driveways, and walkways, Umbriano can be used to ensure a vibrant appearance. This paver is perfect for homeowners who are looking for a paver that will give their courtyard an open, airy feel, and the modern aesthetic of honed natural granite. Each Umbriano paver offers a unique color gradient and random dispersion of granite particles. These non-slip pavers are ideal for courtyard, patio and driveway design because of their strength and stain-resistant surfaces. In addition, Umbriano pavers are non-slip and, thanks to EnduraColor Facemix Technology, low-maintenance and fade resistant too. Consider pairing Umbriano with richly textured Il Campo accents.

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Every courtyard needs an accent paver that will highlight the architecture of the home and landscape. Complement specific aspects of your property with colors that match or contrast decorative features like fountains or sculpture. The beauty of Courtstone lies in its old-world European design, unsurpassed strength and realistic, timeworn texture. These three characteristics combine to produce a durable product that serves as an excellent accent option for inviting courtyards.



Create a strong border for your courtyard with the stunning Copthorne paver. This paver offers a deep color palette that never fails to create a powerful edge design. Copthorne brings definition, quality and distinctive aesthetics to any outdoor area. Create variation and visual interest with Copthorne’s weathered brick surface texture or visually tie your courtyard in with the brick facing of your home. The standard size of this paver makes it perfect for crafting courtyard flooring with creative, interesting patterns. Copthorne is also available in a variety of classic brick color options. For warm and inviting borders and accent designs there’s Burgundy Red, Old Oak and Burnt Clay. For bold, high-impact designs, there’s the dark Basalt shade.



The modern, linear design and multiple color options of Artline make this paver ideal for accentuating minimalist themes and enhancing contemporary architecture. Artline will also help to bring out the richness of any greenery present in your courtyard. The elongated, plank-like shape of this paver is ideal for making small courtyards appear larger and for adding graphic interest to large courtyard areas.

The title image features an Umbriano courtyard with Il Campo accents.


5 Concrete Pavers for a Captivating Courtyard in Doylestown, PA