5 Best Plants for Lining your Unilock Paver Driveway in Greenwich, CT

5 Best Plants for Lining your Unilock Paver Driveway in Greenwich, CT


One of the best ways to soften the look of your Greenwich, CT, driveway is with plants. Using greenery in this way will increase the curb appeal of your front yard and complement your beautiful Unilock driveway. Here are some plants that are ideal for accentuating your driveway and ensuring a stunning front yard:


Leyland Cypress (Cupressus leylandii)

Leyland cypress is a fast-growing evergreen tree, perfect for homeowners who want to keep their driveway private. A row of Leyland cypress trees can grow as much as four feet in a year, ensuring an effective green privacy screen. These trees love sun and are suitable for homes near the ocean, as they are able to withstand salty air. Bring the old world look to your driveway by pairing this plant with the Copthorne paver. Copthorne is the ultimate driveway paver that won’t split, crack or fade – essential for a high-performing driveway. With its unique appearance and vibrant color palette, this paver creates a strong first impression for visitors. The deep greens of the Leyland Cypress are the perfect match for the warm brick-reds of Copthorne pavers.


Fescue Grass (Festuca Glauca)

Some homeowners may prefer to beautify the length of their driveway with the fresh, modern look of ornamental grasses, ensuring a clean and spacious driveway surround. The cool, humid climate of Greenwich, CT means that it is suitable for cool season grasses such as Fescue grass (Festuca Glauca), which has adapted to grow well in cold, freezing winters and hot summers. Fescue grass grows in interesting ball-like clumps and has an unusual steel-green coloring. Highlight the stunning colors of this natural addition with Umbriano in the Summer Wheat shade, or make the driveway the central feature with Richcliff in Smoke Shale.  Both pavers are part of the EnduraColor Plus product line, and are known for their high-performance and everlasting beauty, reminiscent of the look of natural stone.


Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

Yarrow is a native plant that enchants with its versatility. The plant is composed of many small, tightly-packed flowers that can be yellow, red, pink or any shade in between. This flower will create a burst of color around the driveway, while giving off a pleasant aroma. Yarrow offers a majestic touch when paired with the Senzo paver in the shades Cremo, Castano or Nuvola. Senzo offers a beautiful contemporary design and a non-slip, stain-resistant surface for superior performance.   

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Russian Sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia)

The Russian sage, also known as perovskia, is a low-maintenance, drought-tolerant plant that thrives with very little water or general care. This end-of-summer stunner will match the purple specks of color found in the Coffee Creek shade of the Il Campo paver.  Il Campo is a uniquely-textured paver from the EnduraColor line, possessing a strong foundation and wear-resistant surface.  


Lilies (Lilium)

The delicate, large blooms presented by lilies make this plant a favorite. Lillies are perennial flowers that come in many beautiful colors. The flower produces lovely petals that will add elegance to the driveway area from early to midsummer. Achieve a modern, dreamy driveway with the Artline paver in the shades of Winter Marvel or Steel Mountain and a colorful row of lilies.    

The title image features a Copthorne driveway.


5 Best Plants for Lining your Unilock Paver Driveway in Greenwich, CT