4 Vibrant Concrete Options for Your Rochester Backyard Retaining Wall


While retaining walls serve practical functions such as remodeling topography, improving drainage and reducing erosion, they can also be beautifully designed and executed to serve an enriching aesthetic purpose. Retaining walls can be used to create a comfortable and atmosphere-rich outdoor area by using them to incorporate extra seating space, greenery, and even fire features. For truly spectacular evenings, retaining walls can be used to house outdoor lighting fittings which serve to illuminate adjacent walkways or patios.

Whether your backyard needs a small or large retaining wall, a simple or a complex structure, you need not forego beauty and elegance for the sake of utility. With the right design and materials, you can turn a humble retaining wall into a backyard jewel. Here are four suggestions for creating retaining walls that serve their functional purpose while remaining vibrant in texture, color and pattern.


Freedom of design

Equally suited for straight, curved and meandering designs, the Pisa2 wall system ensures stability and strength for large scale retaining wall setups. Several color options guarantee a match with surrounding structures and landscape features. The understated visual strength of the Granite color option is perfectly suited to an unassuming exterior decor and lush yards where the bright colors of vegetation burst to the forefront. The River and Sierra color options provide a varied surface of both light and dark earthy undertones for a rich aesthetic, while the Sandstone option offers a sunny personality for a welcoming landscape.


The age favored aesthetic

The stability and varied texture of stacked slate and flagstone slabs has been a favored building material for centuries, being used in the construction of walls, fire hearths, pillars and retaining walls. Rivercrest Wall is the modern alternative to this ancient trend, long tried and now perfected with increased strength, durability and easylock stacking system. Coastal Slate or Buff in color, it takes after natural stone in character and flexibility while offering the long life and affordable price of concrete.


Heavy-duty purpose, welcoming look

Sometimes circumstances dictate that a retaining wall be large and sturdy. This doesn’t mean you should end up with an eyesore. Sonoma Stone provides a heavy-duty retaining wall with the look of a hand-made structure. This ensures a homey touch while providing dependable structural strength. The natural stone-colored units are machine-installed, and can be laid in either sheer or tapered arrangements.

Similarly, Siena Stone offers unsurpassed versatility in the construction of large scale retaining wall features. With each block weighing more than 450 lbs, a wall built from Siena Stone provides both a physical and visual anchor for retaining wall plant beds or multi-leveled landscapes. Siena stone features the rugged texture of raw natural stone on front and back surfaces, with smooth sides for flush placement. Finished with Siena Stone Coping, your retaining walls can double as seating with a smooth top for comfort and contrasting texture. Whether in the subtle Natural or Granite color options, or the earthy tones of Mahogany, Nevada or Brown, this building block invariably delivers an elegant yet high-performing structure.


The title image features retaining walls built from Pisa2 in River.


4 Vibrant Concrete Options for Your Rochester Buffalo NY Backyard Retaining Wall