4 Top Unilock Products for Stunning and Streamlined Outdoor Kitchens in Wayne, NJ


4 Top Unilock Products for Stunning and Streamlined Outdoor Kitchens in Wayne, NJ


If you’re dreaming of a new outdoor kitchen, you may be focusing on a modern kitchen in particular, with all the functionality and appeal that you experience with your indoor kitchen. Make your design decisions easier with these top four Unilock products for stunning and streamlined outdoor kitchens in Wayne, NJ.


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The flooring of your outdoor kitchen needs to be not only practical, but fit in with your design scheme. The kitchen flooring can be tied in to the rest of your outdoor living space, or it can be its own entity. Kitchen pavers need to stand up to heavy use, so consider pavers that are especially made to withstand spills and are easy to clean.


For a minimalist look, you may want to look at oversized pavers for your outdoor kitchen. Oversized is the way to go when you want a clean minimalist look. Modern design is leaning toward extra long planks and oversized pavers to minimize joint lines and create a smooth, sleek look. Variation in sizes, custom color options, and various surface textures to choose from make the Unilock catalog worth perusing.


The sleek lines of Umbriano pavers are one of many reasons to choose this Unilock product for a contemporary outdoor kitchen. It beautifully complements the U-Cara Multiface Wall System (listed below). It features a unique, mottled, and varied surface thanks to ColorFusion Technology, which randomly disperses granite particles and concentrated color for a visually stunning look and a non-slip texture. 


Umbriano pavers are factory sealed using EasyClean Technology, an integral surface protectant that minimizes staining—a quick wipe is all that’s needed to keep the floor of your outdoor kitchen looking great, with minimal effort. Umbriano pavers are available in Autumn Sunset (special order), French Grey, Harvest Brown, Midnight Sky, Summer Wheat, and Winter Marvel, to match any decor.


For the Walls of the Kitchen

The aesthetics of an outdoor kitchen don’t stop with the horizontal surfaces. The right combination of pavers and wall units will create a kitchen that is beautiful and uniquely yours. Three of the top Unilock wall products for streamlined kitchens are:


  1. U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System

This award-winning patented wall system is comprised of two basic components: Sure Track backer blocks that provide dimensionally accuracy and stability, and U-Cara fascia panels available in 10 different colors, four finishes, and full-sized, half-sized, and corner units for virtually limitless design options. With U-Cara, you can create a completely smooth, sleek wall, or mix smooth and textured fascia panels for visual interest.


  1. Lineo Dimensional Stone

These multi-length plank-look wall units give your wall a modern appeal with a bit more visual depth than the U-Cara panels. The long, slender dimensions are perfect for contemporary kitchens, especially the Limestone color that highlights stainless steel appliances. You’ll see that this material is available in Sierra, Almond Grove, Limestone, as well as Midnight Charcoal pillar and corner units.


  1. Rivercrest Wall

For a more dimensional look reminiscent of hand-stacked fieldstone walls, the award-winning Rivercrest Wall adds texture and interest, especially when paired with smooth accents from the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall or Lineo Dimensional Stone lines. This is available in two neutral colors: Buff and Coastal Slate.


Unilock pavers and wall units give you the design flexibility, quality, durability, and cost efficiency that will make your outdoor kitchen a stand-out and valuable feature in your outdoor space.


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The title image features Umbriano pavers.


4 Top Unilock Products for Stunning and Streamlined Outdoor Kitchens in Wayne, NJ